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set colored accents

Set colored accents in the facade design

Individual facades stand out and make the house owners happy. It is no coincidence that many owners put colorful accents on their facades and incorporate their individual ideas into the design. But what works and what doesn't? We clarify! Current trend colors Bright colors such as red, violet or grass green are a booming trend in facade design. But you can also use earth tones to set colored accents in the

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Plastering for facade design - these possibilities exist

Plastering as a facade design - there are these possibilities

With plastering as a facade design, you choose a modern facade that can be made with very different plastering techniques, plaster thicknesses and materials. What options are there and what differences need to be taken into account in terms of work technology and visual appearance when building a facade? Why plaster as a facade design? There are more than just aesthetic reasons in favor of a plastered facade. The applied plaster protects against frost, UV radiation and moisture as well as dirt. If you have your facade plastered, you also lower it

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Get creative in facade design with MVM

A question of design: creative facade optics

The facade design has a lasting effect on the characteristic appearance of your home. The facade leaves the first impression and is largely responsible for how an object looks when presented outside. There are no limits to your creativity in facade construction and in your own design. Diverse combination options for facade design You can not or only badly commit to one style in the facade design? You don't have to, because one of a variety of styles

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Fire protection in facade construction - that's what counts!

Fire protection requirements play an essential role in facade construction. The building physics goals should already be clearly defined in the planning of the facade design and integrated in accordance with the legal requirements. The fire protection requirements in facade construction As a client, you face a number of challenges in the area of ​​facade design. In terms of building physics and fire protection, there are strict requirements that are stipulated by law with regard to the materials and their properties. The fire-protected facade construction must guarantee the safety and the emergence of

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