Drywall - walls, ceilings and floors with sturdy plasterboard

Benefit from the experience of our specialists with specialist material knowledge in the planning and execution of drywall construction.

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Drywall - walls and ceilings with plasterboard

Drywall construction with plasterboard panels has advantages over solid construction for the design and division of interior spaces. The most important features: drywall is easy to implement, clean to use and inexpensive. The time required is also not particularly important.

You can still plan drywall made of plaster later if you already live in your house. Unless special soundproofing is necessary and you do not want to attach heavy objects to walls, a construction made of plasterboard is an excellent alternative to brick walls.

What exactly is drywall and how is it implemented?

Dry construction works fall into the category of plastering work. Therefore, in contrast to the classic solid construction method, you do not need a bricklayer, but can leave the execution to a specialist company such as MVM AG. Instead of bricks, sand-lime brick or aerated concrete and cement, a substructure made of wood or metal profiles and cladding made of plasterboard are used in drywall construction.

Walls and room boundaries produced in this way are not stable. On the other hand, they do not need a load-bearing wall on the floor below, but can be placed anywhere. This results in many design and division options for larger rooms, which cannot be realized in any other way with the same quality.

The advantages of drywall

Drywall is ideal if you want to give an interior a new layout and structure without having to pay attention to the statics of a building. Compared to other construction methods, drywall can be erected quickly and easily. No cement has to be processed, so this process is considered to be particularly clean. In addition, there is no drying phase required for cement.

The joints between the plasterboard or connections are filled with a very fast-drying filler. So after a short time you can apply wallpaper or paint the walls with a color of your choice.

Cable ducts and ducts can be easily installed in the spaces behind the plasterboard. Overall, drywall construction is significantly more cost-effective than classic masonry construction. Last but not least, you also prevent moisture from getting into the interior of the building and possibly causing mold growth and other damage.

When drywall construction is unfavorable

Due to the mainly processed material gypsum, drywall walls are not as stable as solid walls. You can't hang heavy loads on it, but you don't have to worry about pictures or light shelves. In terms of sound insulation and fire protection, they cannot compete with solid masonry despite their high-quality workmanship. They should therefore only be built within a residential unit, but not as a boundary to neighboring apartments.

MVM AG is a proven specialist in dry construction

Our employees for the drywall division are well trained and have a lot of experience. If you commission us, you will enjoy fast, precise and clean execution of all necessary activities.

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