MVM - my individual solution

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MVM is not only “my painter my plasterer”, but also “my individual solution”. Under this sub-brand, we teach you new and interesting techniques. Do you have some very unusual ideas? Have you fallen in love with enchanting wall and floor coatings in homestyling magazines? And how often have you heard “it won’t work”? Then MVM “meine individuelle lösung” is the right place for you.

Designing a wet room seamless, smooth and finished in tones that convey a sense of well-being? But yes! A new wall or floor covering with Beton Ciré, coloured throughout and with a wonderful mineral effect? With pleasure! Walls in the living area with breathable lime plaster? Or simply a beautiful result with a healthy clay plaster? Everything is possible, we will be happy to sit down with you and find a solution to realise your dreams.

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