Seamless beauty: Discover the diversity and beauty of seamless surfaces

Seamless surfaces: discover their diversity and beauty

Seamless surfaces have established themselves as a central element of modern architecture and interior design. They not only impress with their aesthetic purity and elegance, but also with their practical advantages. Because they offer a seamless and flowing look that makes rooms appear larger and more open and at the same time embodies a minimalist beauty. This […]

Professional painting - why is it so important for property owners and managers?

Professional painting

As a property owner or manager, you know how important it is to keep your buildings in optimal condition. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to do this is with professional painting. A fresh coat of paint can not only significantly improve the appearance of your property, but also increase its value and attract potential renters or buyers. In […]

Energy-efficient wall coatings for commercial premises: why they are worth investing in

energy efficient wall coatings

Energy-efficient wall coatings can make an important contribution to improving energy efficiency in business premises. These wall coverings help to retain heat in the room and keep out cold, which contributes to better regulation of room temperature. This saves energy and reduces your energy costs. In this article you can find out exactly how you can use energy-efficient wall coatings for business premises. [...]

Extraordinary design ideas for your office

Extraordinary design ideas for your office

An office is more than just a place to work. It is also an expression of personality and style. When you feel comfortable in your office, you will automatically be more productive and creative. That is why it is worth investing in the design of your office. But what if you want to deviate from the usual, […]

Easy-to-clean flooring for your workspace

Floor coverings that are easy to clean

Easy-to-clean floor coverings are of great importance in any work area, as they are not only hygienic, but also ensure that the cleaning effort is minimised. However, grouted floor coverings such as linoleum or tile can often be difficult to clean as dirt and bacteria collect in the grout. A good alternative is therefore seamless floor coverings […]

Individual office design

Individual office design

The design of your office is an important figurehead for customers and employees alike. Your individual office design should reflect your own corporate philosophy and represent it to the outside world. But what should you pay particular attention to when designing your own company premises? And how does the office design affect employee or customer loyalty in detail? In […]

Painters and plasterers working throughout Switzerland

Painters and plasterers working throughout Switzerland

Do you need a competent service provider for painting and plastering work, facade construction or similar within Switzerland? Then we at MVM AG are exactly the right partner for the job: We have painters and plasterers working throughout Switzerland! Read this article to learn more about it. Our competencies Wherever you are in Switzerland, […]

Employee portrait: Remo Pfister

Employee portrait Remo Pfister

In our new section «Employee portraits» we would like to give you a look behind the scenes and show you the faces behind our work. They are people who give their best every day and are there for you with words and deeds. Today Remo Pfister, who heads our finance and administration departments, introduces himself. [...]

Our new MVM online shop - create a unique living environment

MVM online shop

We are expanding our portfolio. In addition to services, we now also offer our specialist MVM online shop. For everyone who attaches great importance to an extraordinary flair in their own four walls or in the company. With MVM we are best known as accomplished painters and plasterers. We offer high quality and professional services for private and business customers. [...]

Bringing stucco back to life - plastering work by a specialist

Plastering work by a specialist

Stucco has been very popular for more than 3.000 years. He gained fame especially in antiquity. It finally celebrated its heyday in the Baroque era. Nowadays, stucco is particularly known from apartments in old buildings. But it is also gradually experiencing a renewed upswing in new buildings. We explain to you why you should also change your ceilings and walls [...]

Build and renovate in an environmentally friendly way - with MVM AG

Build and renovate in an environmentally friendly way

The construction and real estate industries are booming as more and more people want their own home and the benefits that come with it. At the same time, awareness of environmentally and climate-friendly products is growing. It should be cozy in your own four walls and in terms of renovations and refurbishments, environmentally friendly materials are increasingly being used. But the question arises: [...]

MVM AG remains SCK's main sponsor

MVM AG remains SCK's main sponsor "Long-lasting success is only possible in a team" Sascha Ziswiler SASCHA ZISWILER, MANAGING DIRECTOR AND CO-OWNER OF MVM AG MVM AG values ​​continuity and is now supporting SCK for the fifth season. Read more about this at

Renovation work by a specialist

Renovation work by a specialist

The construction and real estate industry is booming inexorably, as many people want and implement their own home. Of course, your own home should be cozy and meet your personal needs. This is not always the case when you buy an older existing property. Do you want to or cannot renovate yourself? Then leave the renovation work to a [...]

“Please enter” service subscription: annual inspection of your entrance area

Service subscription entrance area

The first impression counts! This principle also and above all applies to the external appearance of a company. Regardless of whether they are potential business partners or customers - they all pay attention to the appearance. Often underestimated here, but an important factor: the entrance area of ​​the company! He is the figurehead, the first thing the other person sees. Within a few seconds, the [...]

Facade check service subscription

Facade check service subscription

Every facade should be checked occasionally and checked for cracks, moisture or other changes. But this need is often lost in everyday life or it is postponed until a more serious problem shows up. With the MVM “Facade Check” service subscription, you no longer have to worry about compliance with the inspection intervals. The service subscription [...]

One less TO DO: Facade check subscription for homeowners

Real estate is very popular in times of low interest rates. They are a good investment, especially for companies and private individuals, and are therefore in great demand. However, homeowners lack the necessary specialist knowledge and often lack the time to maintain the facades. In order to maintain the value of your real estate, it is [...]

MVM AG Zug is expanding its field of activity!

The MVM AG Zug branch is expanding its range of activities with painting and seamless surfaces. Our claim, «the broad range of services offered by the entire MVM Group; Internal and external plastering work, mobile blasting technology SPZ AG and now also painting / jointless - successfully expanding surfaces in Zug and Zurich ». Due to the new proximity to our customers in Zug, faster reactions and thus [...]

Fresh from the apprenticeship - our newest MVM painters and plasterers

May we introduce you to our new apprenticeship graduates? From now on Valbon Nuhiji and Samir Galatean call themselves plasterer practitioners EBA. Stanly Gaston and Kim Vornarburg have successfully learned the profession of EFZ painter. Argent Rexhaj also completed his apprenticeship as a painter practitioner EBA with flying colors. You too can decide on an apprenticeship at MVM AG in Emmen! Joy […]

MVM Unplugged

Every year again! And this year Sascha Ziswiler (Managing Director MVM) and Manuel Naranjo (singer of “Blue Haze”) led through an evening full of food, drink and singing. Our approximately 200 partners, employees and customers who were present were able to take a culinary excursion to the Emerald Isle on September 5th and enjoy the finest Irish whiskeys [...]

SC Kriens and MVM - An Interview

SC Kriens is going into its third season with its main sponsor «MVM». Sascha Ziswiler has been heading the company from Emmen for five years. In the interview he talks about his view of the club and the initial skepticism of his employees. Why did MVM join the SCK three years ago as the main sponsor? I found the project brave. The new […]

Lucerne Art Museum - new paint for the JMW Turner exhibition

Gymnast. The sea and the Alps, exhibition view at the Kunstmuseum Luzern, photos: Marc Latzel In an art exhibition, the surroundings of the paintings play an important role. The architecture, the atmosphere, feel, brightness or even color. The correct use of color in the rooms directly behind the pictures should help to reinforce the color accents or to increase the focus of the [...]

Start of teaching in 2019

Also this year we warmly welcome 5 new young talents to MVM AG. We look forward to the exciting and enriching cooperation and wish everyone a perfect start into their apprenticeship! From left to right: Andrea Martinelli (plasterer intern), Tanja Künzli (painter EFZ), Alvaro Mendes Teixeira (plasterer EFZ), Matteo Marcellino (painter EFZ), Esveda Sakiri (KV E-Profil)

Our specialists for concrete cosmetics

From left to right: Dominik, Nicole, Dino and Manuel - our experts when it comes to correcting construction defects in the area of ​​exposed concrete perfectly and protecting them permanently in accordance with the requirements. Due to its versatility in processing, optics and haptics, exposed concrete is a very important and widely used building material today. Due to the nature, however, often [...]

Strong team for decorative surface treatment

Thanks to our know-how in decorative techniques, you can design your surfaces completely individually and create unique spatial experiences. The right raw material for every requirement Selected materials have always been carefully tailored to our own needs. Today's factors for the right choice of raw material are, for example: living atmosphere, high functionality, high load capacity, warmth, security, shielding [...]

Naughty young colorful

What an evening! 200 enthusiastic customers enjoyed an evening under the motto: Cheeky, young, colorful, with bold models on the catwalk, dressed by Gränicher, footballers from SC Kriens and FC Luzern. MVM at it's best, assembling, plastering, painting for once M for fashionable, V for seductive and M for must: It has become a must at our annual event [...]

These are the new learners

Since this summer we have new, young and motivated talents who start their training with us. We look forward to the time ahead with you and wish everyone a smooth start. From left to right: von Wartburg Jana painter EFZ, hobbies: swimming, reading, gardening, music, young rifle club, MVM AG Emmen. Rexhaj Argent painter practitioner EBA, hobbies: football, friends, cooking, MVM AG Emmen. Tesfit [...]