Service subscriptions

For the care of surfaces or colour change

Benefit from regular surface care A painting and plastering business offers servciceabos? Exactly! Because surfaces also benefit from forward thinking and regular care.

Service subscription "Facade check"

Have your façades checked regularly. Are there any cracks? Does the insulation still meet the specifications? Is there any plaster damage to worry about? Have the façade surfaces become unsightly? Your subscription includes the annual inspection and a corresponding report. This gives you an idea at any time when, for example, renovation might be necessary. If necessary, we will of course carry out the necessary work for you. From spot repairs to comprehensive renovation.

Service subscription "Please enter"

What does the entrance area of your company look like? Is it inviting? Does it do justice to your image? Does it contribute to your image? If not, perhaps a little freshening up can work wonders. A small change of colour, a new coat of paint on a door, professional touch-ups on the staircase – it’s worth it, because the reception area is your company’s business card. Your subscription includes the annual inspection and a corresponding report. If you wish, we will be happy to carry out any work that needs to be done.

"Quattro stagioni" service subscription

Freely adapted from Vivaldi, we provide seasonal variety with this subscription. Surprise your visitors with periodically changing colours, for example in the meeting room. It’s okay to be a little daring. Benefit from our expertise in colour consulting and inspire them with surprising colour tones, for example from Farrow & Ball: British Racing Green in the corridor? Elephant’s Breath in the executive office? Middleton Pink in the bedroom? Oval Room Blue in the reception room? We will clarify the material and size of the area in question with you before concluding the subscription.

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