Facade design - trowel throw, grooved plaster & other plaster variants

Regardless of whether it is trowelling, grooved plastering or broom throwing, our specialists are skilled in the various types of plastering of the facade design.

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Creative facade design

The visual function of the facade of a building is often described as a business card, and in its technical function as the protective skin of a house. Both are correct. That is why facade design plays an important role. If you as the building owner decide on plastering, you have the choice between numerous variants in terms of plastering technology, plaster thickness and materials.

A distinction is made based on the binders used. They can be mineral or inorganic or organic. A second distinguishing feature are the aggregates. What they all have in common is that they have a significant influence on the physical and technical properties and thus on the intended use of a plaster. Finally, the plastering technique used is an important criterion for the appearance of the facade design. We at MVM AG will be happy to advise you in detail on all possibilities and the associated effects. We can also help you with questions about renovations, renovations and repainting of a plastered facade with our long experience and know-how. 

We are also happy to help you if you have received a creative facade design against your will. Unfortunately, vandalism is common and strangers redesign your facade with spray cans. That is why we are your competent partner for Graffiti removal and also apply the appropriate protection for the future. 

The most popular plastering techniques for facade design

Trowel throw, broom stroke, grooved plaster - these terms describe three classic plastering techniques. There is also felt and scraped plaster, slab and rubbed plaster, combed plaster, rough plaster and many more... Hardly any other material, combined with one of the many types of application, can give a house as many different "faces" as plaster. In addition, plaster allows for a relatively inexpensive facade design compared to other options, which suits almost all architectural styles. All of this together leads to the result that plaster for the facade is the first choice for builders.

As a layman, it is easy to lose track of things when faced with the many variations. We would therefore like to cordially invite you to take a look around our showroom and the affiliated sample center and to be advised by the employees of MVM AG. The offer is not only aimed at private builders, but also at professionals such as architects and general contractors.

Digitization meets traditional craft - our research for facade design

The experts at MVM have mastered the classic plastering techniques and have extensive knowledge of the materials used and their properties. But even if a process such as trowel plastering has proven itself on countless buildings since the 14th century - we do not stop at the past, but make modern demands.

That is why we are also active in research and, together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, we have been looking for synergies between craftsmanship and digitality. The result is extended methods of plastering, which are of particular importance for facade design. For example, we have "crossed" tried-and-tested hand tools such as brooms or combs with digital options and developed them further. You can also find out more about this topic in our sample center.

MVM AG - your contact with extensive expertise in facade design

You have to be a specialist to know all the options for designing and protecting a facade. With MVM you are in good hands. Before you rashly decide on plastering - maybe because you saw it on another house and took a liking to it - we would like to hear from you personally advise. Visit our sample center or contact us to make an appointment at your site on the construction site. Our experts look forward to your project!

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