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One less TO DO: Facade check subscription for homeowners

Real estate is very popular in times of low interest rates. They are a good investment, especially for companies and private individuals, and are therefore in great demand. However, homeowners lack the necessary specialist knowledge and often lack the time to maintain the facades. In order to maintain the value of your property, it makes sense to call in a specialist. More and more homeowners trust our facade check subscriptions. Trust yourself too

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Plastering work: which technology on which ground?

The plaster on the wall is there for a good reason: it protects the building, regulates the indoor climate and insulates the facade. But the various plastering work does not necessarily disappear under tiles or paintwork: beautifully crafted surfaces are definitely used for wall design. But not every plaster can be permanently applied to every surface - and of course the different types of plaster also require different processing techniques. We at MVM AG bring light today

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5 signs your facade should be renovated!

Those who know a little about facade construction and take care of the renovation of their facade at an early stage can prevent long-term consequential damage and increase the value of their property. The facade renovation is an important measure to maintain the value of your property. As a rule, the older the building, the greater the need for renovation. But how do you know that a facade renovation is necessary? Look out for these five signs so you don't miss the right moment. need

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