Craft preservation of monuments

Monument preservation with MVM - preservation through mastery, beauty through innovation.

Preserving tradition: Handcrafted preservation of monuments with passion

MVM specializes in handcrafted monument preservation and offers a wide range of services for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings. Our experienced team has extensive specialist knowledge and uses traditional craft techniques to preserve the authenticity and character of the buildings. From the use of natural building materials to the restoration of windows, doors and historic surfaces, we ensure that the unique history and aesthetics of each building are respected and preserved. Our close collaboration with monument conservators, architects and other experts ensures holistic and successful implementation of monument preservation projects.

The importance of monument preservation

The artful preservation of historical buildings and structures is the goal of handcrafted monument preservation. Extensive specialist knowledge and experience are used to take both technical and artistic aspects into account. One focus is on preserving the original materials and construction methods, which includes the use of natural building materials such as clay, lime or wood. Traditional craft techniques such as plastering with lime-clay mortar play an important role here. Equally important is the preservation of the historical character of the buildings through the restoration of window and door elements as well as the reconstruction of colors and varnishes that are true to the original.

But the craftsmanship of monument preservation goes beyond pure preservation and also adapts historical buildings to modern forms of use. This includes the integration of modern building technology as well as additions and conversions to expand the buildings. The task of handcrafted monument preservation is demanding and requires close cooperation between monument conservators, architects and craftsmen in order to successfully preserve and restore historical buildings.

Why is handcrafted monument preservation important?

Monument preservation is crucial for preserving the cultural heritage and identity of a society. Well-preserved historical buildings and structures are not only evidence of bygone eras, but also important attractions for tourists and visitors. Preserving and restoring these monuments not only preserves collective memory but also improves the quality of life in cities and regions. The craftsmanship of monument preservation is particularly important in order to preserve the authenticity and character of the buildings. In addition, monument preservation contributes to sustainable development by making sensible use of existing resources and counteracting the throwaway culture. Overall, monument preservation is an important contribution to preserving history and promoting a lively and diverse cultural landscape.

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Traditional craft techniques

These methods aim to preserve the historical character of a building and enable restorations that are true to the original.

Use of natural building materials

Use of natural materials and proven craftsmanship methods to preserve the authentic character of the building.

Modernization for today's use

Modern building technology and extensions adapt buildings to current needs without losing their character.

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Have we piqued your interest? Our team specializes in complete renovation work in the areas of facade construction, painting and plastering work, seamless surfaces and concrete work. We are available for you at the Emmen, Zug and Sursee locations. Would you like a renovation in Hochdorf, in Willisau and around Lake Sempach? Then you can hire our experts and be sure that we have the right concept for your individual needs. Because from now on we are also working for you in Sursee and the surrounding area.

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SNRI (Swiss Neuroradiology Institute)
The Swiss Neuro Radiology Institute (SNRI), part of the Swiss Clinical Neuro Sciences Institute (SCNSI), promotes brain health through cutting-edge technologies.
Hirslanden Hospital
The renowned Hirslanden Clinic has maintained excellent patient care by repairing building damage that has occurred over time.
Zurich Opera House
For three decades, our painting company has been the preferred partner of the Zurich Opera House, where we have completed a variety of significant projects.
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