Naturofloor - mineral & seamless wall and floor covering

Naturofloor is ideal as a seamless wall and floor covering. With Naturofloor, MVM ensures individual design options in every room.

Naturofloor - the modern seamless wall and floor covering

Naturofloor is a Swiss quality product from Sandman AG and has been on the market since 1990. The basis for the mineral material is a mixture of quartz sand and white cement, which can be combined in many ways with the addition of other materials. As a seamless floor covering and cladding for walls and ceilings, Naturofloor offers numerous possibilities. Individual structures, shades and a standard color palette with 210 shades allow even the most unusual requests.

Naturofloor is equally suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and wet areas in order to design renovation objects or new buildings. Processing takes place according to precisely defined processes and is carried out by certified specialist companies such as the MVM AG done by hand.

Seamless flooring as an alternative to classic tiles

In wet and humid areas such as in the bathroom, in kitchens or in sauna areas, Naturofloor has proven to be an excellent alternative to classic tiles due to its numerous positive properties. A seamless floor covering is far less sensitive to dirt and water. It can also be cleaned with less effort than a tile floor with its joints.

When renovating wet areas, for example, you do not have to remove old tiles. Naturofloor adheres so well that you can apply it straight away. This saves time and money and prevents large amounts of dirt during work. In addition, the material is breathable and permanently lightfast.

Individual structures and colors for every ambience

With Naturofloor, we turn the walls and floors in your home into unique items that are as distinctive as your ambience. Choose the shades and textures that you want. We ensure a perfect result with our professional craftsmanship. Our qualified and highly trained employees apply the filler in a three to four millimeter thick layer. Then smooth the base by hand as well. This creates a unique look that works just as well on large areas as it does in small rooms. If you like to live beautifully and value ease of care, Naturofloor is the right wall and floor covering for you.

Tips for care

Like other natural materials, Naturofloor best preserves its original beauty through proper care. It starts with preventive measures. A dirt trap mat is recommended in the entrance area to keep out moisture and dirt.

You should use felt pads for furniture and decorative objects that are on the floor. Chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs or vases and sculptures equipped in this way cannot harm the Naturofloor floor.

Clean water and a microfiber cloth are sufficient

Avoid using cleaning agents that create a shine. They lead to the formation of streaks and a greasy look that destroys the actual aesthetics of Naturofloor. The same applies to agents that contain alkaline, caustic, alcoholic or solvent-based substances. With normal soiling, it is completely sufficient to use clean water and a microfiber cloth to clean floors and walls.

Please wipe up spilled liquids immediately. Persistent wetness, caused by water or other damp substances, can soften the seal and make it stained. However, should there be clearly visible damage - be it due to liquids or mechanical influences - this can be eliminated on site. our employees are able to professionally restore the original condition.

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Seamless floor coverings Architecture & construction management: Iwan Bühler, Lucerne
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