Plastering - comprehensive & individual plastering work by experts

Gypsum has a wide range of uses and can be individualized when designing interiors, MVM specializes in plastering.

Plastering - comprehensive plastering work by experts

As a building material with a wide range of uses, gypsum has a long tradition in the design of interiors. It is used in drywall construction, plastering work, ceiling cladding and acoustic ceilings and is also used as an explicit design element in stucco work or in mold construction. In the latter case in particular, specialist and creative skills are required from a plastering company such as MVM AG. Based on our long experience and our know-how, we can always find suitable solutions for your wishes and ideas - even if they are unusual ideas. If the prerequisites are right, we are the right contact for you.

Which works belong in the field of plastering?

Plastering work occurs in almost all new buildings, conversions, renovations and refurbishments. Probably the most common task is to plaster walls and ceilings so that a smooth surface is created for further finishing methods - be it a second, decorative plaster, wallpaper or a design with tiles. This also includes the plastering of external facades.

The second major area is the construction of non-load-bearing partition walls and ceilings as well as cladding in dry construction. Substructures made of wooden or metal struts are provided with plasterboard and then neatly filled before further processing takes place.

The creative plastering in the form of stucco works mainly in the renovation of old buildings and the decoration of new buildings. In addition, plastering is used to insulate inner and outer walls, to apply fire protection, soundproofing and thermal insulation and to remove harmful mold infestation. The planning for dry construction work and plastering work takes place at MVM after a visit to your rooms.

The fine art of plastering - surface decorations with character

Stucco work - whether new and modern or playful and baroque - give every room a special and individual character. A plastering company that has mastered this art has to go to work here with a lot of skill and creativity. Because this not only includes a sure hand and a feeling for the material, but also an eye for harmonious proportions and spatial effects in order to achieve an emotional result. Our plastering specialists at MVM AG not only have the necessary experience, but also bring artistic skill and a lot of commitment to their work.

The same applies to individual plasters used as wall finishing. In our sample gallery you will find numerous abrasions and plasters made from a wide variety of materials and with many different structures and color designs that turn a wall into a small work of art - handmade and finely tuned to the ambience of your home and your personal ideas.

MVM AG is your expert for plastering work

The following applies to all plastering work from our source: Contact Us initially online or by phone to arrange an on-site inspection, because we would like to get an impression of your premises. This is the best way for us to advise you and respond to your individual needs. We also provide you with valuable tips and ideas that can be useful when designing your home

Regardless of your decision, all plastering work by MVM AG are carried out by selected specialists who understand their craft from the ground up and deliver first-class results. We look forward to your exciting project!

Conversion of Adligenswilerstrasse 35, Lucerne
Interior plastering, special interior insulation, drywall and ceiling construction Architecture: Iwan Bühler, Lucerne Construction management: Stadelmann Baumanagement AG, Lucerne
Rigi-Bahnen, high platform and access tower, Goldau
External plastering work with relief, painting work, internal plastering work Architecture: Cadosch & Zimmermann GmbH, Zurich
Suurstoffi, Red Cross
Dry construction and ceiling construction, fire protection cladding and painting work Architecture: Manetsch Meyer Architekten, Zurich Construction management: S + B Baumanagement AG, Steinhausen
Living and working on the Dorfbach, Schenkon
Dry construction and ceiling construction, fire protection cladding and painting work Architecture & construction management: Hunkeler Partner Architekten AG, Schenkon Construction management: TGS Bauökonomen AG, Lucerne
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References - plastering work

Reference: Conversion of Adligenswilerstrasse 35, Lucerne

Reference: Rigi-Bahnen, high platform and access tower, Goldau (nationally listed property)

Reference: Suurstoffi, Rotkreuz

Reference: Living and working on the Dorfbach, Schenkon

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