Color design and material advice according to your requirements / wishes

Color design and material advice come first at MVM: color concepts that optimize light and space result in atmospherically inviting rooms.

Color design and material advice

At MVM, informative tips on color design and detailed material advice are, so to speak, an early “free choice” before we go about our “duty”, i.e. the practical implementation. First of all, we clarify which areas of application you would like to commission us with, i.e. external walls and facades or living and working spaces. We will then discuss with you what effect you want to achieve with the desired colors or which color concept you want to pursue overall. The materials to be used are just as important as the colors. This is where questions like:

When all of this has been discussed and an agreement has been reached, the details of the color scheme can be dealt with.

Stylish and creative color design

After we have made an inspection of the type and size of the rooms as well as possible architectural features, we will make suggestions for color design. We present current trends and deal with color effects and room atmospheres, which can arise, for example, through combinations such as green-blue or through colors such as classic white, gray, black, brown variations or pastel colors.

If you have the courage to use color, it should be used in a targeted manner and always include furniture, built-in elements and home accessories in order to create a harmonious connection between colors and the rest of the ambience. If you want to set accents with color combinations, patterns, ornaments and other decorative elements, let our experts plan the right and harmonious color mix.

Preferences for color design and the actual color perception are different for every person and largely depend on personal taste. Regardless of this, colors also influence the psychological level. Therefore, even slight discrepancies can lead to the fact that one suddenly no longer feels comfortable in a room and would like to redesign everything again.

Whichever color scheme you ultimately choose, you can rely on one thing: MVM invariably focuses on the highest quality craftsmanship. For this reason, we only use colors that meet our requirements for quality, durability and a long service life.

The MVM material advice for unique surfaces

The concept for the color scheme is in place. Now it is time to select the possible materials for a successful result. During the material consultation, we generally only recommend materials to our customers that can be used to create seamless surfaces. Firstly, the design options are more diverse, and secondly, the maintenance effort is significantly lower.

We mainly use natural and environmentally friendly materials such as clay or lime as well as mineral and polymer-bound systems. The basis for the decision is the use of the respective room. Kitchens and wet rooms require different materials than living rooms or bedrooms, interiors different from facades.

Another important point in material advice is which design technique should be used for which surface. The MVM team is proficient in numerous painting, modeling and spatula processes. Our simple basic formula for this area is: material + tools = texture.

Our goal: individual solutions - professionally planned for you

We at MVM pursue one goal with our work: We want to create individually tailored, visually appealing and convincing living spaces for our customers. That is why we dedicate a lot of time and commitment to the topics of color design and material advice in order to be able to create harmonious room concepts from colors, materials and light.

Our suggestion: Visit our showroom in Emmen with the attached Sample center. Here you can look at and touch everything - and we will support you with advice on finding your very own color and material. We look forward to your Visit!

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