Plastering work - comprehensive building protection with the right plaster

The plaster protects the outer building envelope from the weather and regulates the room climate, which is why professional plastering work by MVM is worthwhile.

Plastering work for a protective plaster

The oldest known evidence of plastering stone buildings comes from the area of ​​the so-called Fertile Crescent and dates back to around 12000 BC. Five to six-layer plasters have also been preserved from Pompeii. Today, plastering is still one of the most common methods used to decorate and protect house facades and interior walls.

Comprehensive building protection through plaster

Plaster not only protects the outer building envelope from the effects of the weather. At the same time, it regulates the room climate and also insulates the facade against heat loss. Some of it later disappears under paint and tiles, but it is also used to beautify walls and ceilings with specially designed surfaces. However, it cannot be applied to any surface and requires different processing techniques depending on its type and composition.

Plastering work inside and outside

Basically, a distinction must be made between suitable plastering work for outside and inside. In the case of external walls, the plaster primarily serves as protection against a wide variety of weather conditions and as insulation. But it also takes on creative tasks by allowing individual aesthetics of building facades.

Interior plasters are also used for design and room air conditioning. A wide variety of materials, binders and aggregates are available here, since plastered interior walls are not exposed to the weather. The most important types of plaster are:

Advantages and possibilities of aesthetic design with plastering work

Clay plaster is well suited for dry rooms because it optimizes heat and sound insulation, reduces pollutants and fine dust and allows excellent individual processing and design.

Gypsum plaster impresses with its ecological and building biology harmlessness. It can regulate moisture, but is not water-repellent. Due to its diffusion openness for steam, it is suitable for all normally used living spaces. It is often used under decorative plaster and wallpaper.

Clay-gypsum plasters combine the advantages of both materials, because they are more stable than pure clay plaster and better for climate regulation than gypsum plaster.

Lime plaster has properties similar to gypsum plaster. It also has a mold-inhibiting and disinfecting effect, which is why it is mostly used for surfaces.

The ecological harmlessness also speaks in favor of lime-cement plaster. Since it is water-repellent and resistant to humidity, it is often used for wet rooms such as bathrooms, but also outside as weather protection. It hardens very highly and withstands mechanical loads extremely well.

Synthetic resin plaster and mineral ready-to-use plasters enable a variety of wall designs with visible surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

If you prefer stucco work to give your rooms a special and individual ambience, professional plastering work by experts is ideal. The MVM team has mastered these beautiful and harmonious transitions from ceilings to walls. Impressive and unique effects can be achieved with gold or multi-colored sealed cement plasters. A simpler aesthetic is offered by surface structures such as broom markings, abrasion marks, needle rollers, etc. We would be happy to advise you in detail and can present you with the appropriate samples.

Trust the experts for plastering work at MVM AG

The best thing to do is to arrange a free one personal consultation appointment with us so that we can talk about your wishes and ideas together. Plastering not only allows a variety of wall design options, but also requires different materials and different processing techniques depending on the surface, spatial conditions and design requirements.

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