Ceiling cladding - gypsum ceiling and mineral fiber ceiling in ceiling construction

MVM has experienced specialists in ceiling construction, so the competent planning and execution of high-quality ceiling cladding is guaranteed.

Ceiling cladding in ceiling construction

Ceiling cladding is used in many types of buildings. Offices, lobbies, hospitals, schools, shops, restaurants, clubs, indoor swimming pools and event halls, but also private properties - you will find a wide variety of designs in color, shape and material everywhere. Ceiling cladding is used on the one hand to visually design and embellish it, on the other hand to cover installations and insulation technically or as acoustic ceilings for sound absorption.

At MVM AG, we use plaster of paris and mineral fibers in the ceiling construction, both of which impress with their high - and important - fire protection value. In addition, they offer other individual advantages and options. Which solution is the better depends on the respective premises and their planned use.

Advantages of plasterboard as ceiling cladding

Gypsum is a natural product that does not contain any harmful substances for human health and contributes to a pleasant indoor climate. It is extremely environmentally friendly to manufacture. For example, production residues are simply used for the production of additional plasterboard. In addition to the high fire safety already mentioned, plaster of paris offers a long service life thanks to its resistance and is also easy to process.

Architects and interior designers appreciate the material for the ceiling construction. On the one hand because it has excellent acoustic properties and on top of that enables a wide variety of individual and creative designs. For example, through square, round or three-dimensional system elements that are used. Ceiling cladding made of plasterboard can be made seamless, perforated for better acoustics and painted with any color for a varied design. Our team at MVM will be happy to advise you in detail on the various options with which we can install plaster ceiling cladding.

Advantages of mineral fibers as ceiling coverings

Ceiling cladding made of mineral fibers is based on the sustainable raw material stone and is hard to beat when it comes to fire protection. The rock or mineral wool obtained from the raw material is pressed in such a way that the surfaces turn out to be smooth or differently structured at the end. The surface embossing ensures good absorption of sound waves and optimal reverberation times, i.e. good acoustics.

Similar to plasterboard, mineral fibers allow highly individual design options with a variety of shapes and patterns. Because they are very stable, but also very light. They can be installed quickly and easily using the drywall principle. As a natural raw material, mineral fibers in ceiling construction also contribute to a pleasant room climate.

Realize your ceiling cladding with MVM AG

With ceiling cladding made of plaster of paris or mineral fibers, you acquire high quality, which stands for reliability and a long service life, without putting excessive strain on your budget. Because the price-performance ratio of these materials is almost unbeatable in ceiling construction compared to other solutions.

The appearance of plaster of paris and mineral fiber ceilings can be individually set in scene with accentuated lighting elements and color designs. There are almost no limits to your imagination.

Our ceiling construction specialists contribute MVM will be happy to sit down with you to sound out your wishes and ideas and work out a perfect solution together. We know the different needs and requirements of industrial, public and private clients and of course take their different concerns into account.

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