Alternative to tiles

Alternative to tiles

Tiles are a popular floor covering in rooms that often get wet or are characterized by particularly stubborn dirt. The easy-care tiles are particularly popular in the kitchen and bathroom. However, there is a better alternative to tiles. This is the seamless wall and floor covering Naturofloor. In this article […]

Painter or plasterer emergency: what to do?

Painter or PlastererEmergency

Do you have a painter or plasterer emergency and don't know what to do? Regardless of whether it is water damage that is visible on the wall, damage to a concrete surface or problems on the facade that endanger safety. With many different problems, rapid intervention by a painter can […]

Renovating old houses in a timely manner

Renovating old houses in a timely manner

Owning a house is a popular dream. Buying an existing property is usually cheaper than building a new one. After buying an older house, however, a renovation is often the first thing to do. But even if you are already a happy homeowner, sooner or later there will be a point where repairs are necessary. Do you want old houses […]

Combine wall colors - monochrome was yesterday!

Combine wall colors

In principle, single-color walls are absolutely okay. This is especially true when setting accents with furniture and decorative elements. However, it is also possible to combine a wide variety of wall colors. In this way, different accents can be set directly on the walls and a wide range of design options can be realized in the living room. Combine wall colors - why? Different colors can affect our psyche differently. [...]

Repair cracks in the wall

Repair cracks in the wall

Whether indoors or outdoors - every now and then small cracks appear in walls. Both the facade and the interior walls can be affected. No matter how big or small the cracks are, they generally don't look pretty. In addition, they can also indicate greater damage. Find out what causes this can have […]

Color theory for home and office

color theory

Colors accompany us on all paths: in dreams, in nature, in the office and in our own four walls. As diverse as they are, their effect on the human psyche is as varied. It is therefore important to choose the right color, especially at home and in the office. Color theory tells us how it should turn out. [...]

Surface protection for mineral substrates

surface protection

MVM AG manufactures high-quality floor and wall coverings from various minerals and then ensures professional installation. Among other things, we create coverings made of Naturofloor and concrete. These are considered to be particularly easy to clean and are even installed in wet cells. However, what few people know: These properties only arise through the surface protection. Alles […]

Types of rubbing plaster: Plaster for inside and outside

Types of rubbing plaster

Rough plaster has probably already been encountered visually by everyone, whether on the inside or outside of a building. However, what many do not know is that this plaster has major differences for inside and outside: Different types of textured plaster differ in their composition and thus also in their use. Rubbing plaster for the inside cannot therefore automatically be used for the outside [...]

Every surface is unique - Naturofloor

every surface is unique

MVM AG is a qualified partner of Naturofloor. Our experts carry out your order professionally and ensure that your home is designed uniquely and individually according to your ideas - because every surface is unique. All information about Naturofloor is exclusively available from us! Naturofloor - Every surface is unique In the industrial sector [...]

Renovate house? 5 reasons that speak for it

Renovate house

Over the years, a house loses its luster and value. That can be changed. Measures that are implemented when renovating a house ensure a better attitude towards life and maximum well-being. Is your property getting old? Think about a renovation and let MVM advise you. We'll tell you why the [...]

Extraordinary home styling with individual surfaces

extraordinary home styling with individual surfaces

Your own four walls must suit you, because ideally they reflect your unique character. Individual surfaces offer you versatile design options for home styling in a condominium or your own home. Even with small changes, such as new wall colors, you can achieve remarkable effects. In addition, it is also extremely useful for businesses to have a [...]

Tips on plastering drywall and plastering work in interior construction

Plaster for dry walls

If you are planning an interior finish, you should study extensively with suitable plaster for drywall and tips on possible plastering work. This is because companies, as well as private individuals, are increasingly relying on drywall for interior finishing work. After placing the drywall, it is necessary to plaster the panels. We explain to you which types of plaster [...]

The differences between exterior and interior plaster

Interior plaster exterior plaster

In order to protect and visually enhance the walls of a building, they have to be plastered both inside and out. However, there are differences in the types of plaster that you can use for interior or exterior walls. This post will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of plaster. What is plaster? Plaster [...]

Beautiful living - with color advice from the experts

Color advice living space

There is nothing like a little color in the apartment or in the business premises. A place where you really feel at home or where perfect conditions prevail to be productive. Because correctly chosen, the color can have a positive effect on the mood and even direct it in a certain direction. Laypeople in particular are looking for [...]

Fire protection in facade construction - if so, then do it right!

Fire protection in facade construction

Structural fire protection must be well planned. Compliance with all requirements to prevent smoke and flames from spreading are essential principles. Fire protection plays an important role in new construction and in the renovation of existing buildings. Fire protection measures are therefore essential in facade construction. They require expert planning and execution by the contracted trades. The MVM [...]

Seasonal variety in the office or in your own four walls

Seasonal variety Quattro Stagioni service subscription

Especially when we spend a lot of time in a room, we are often fed up with it. Of course, furniture can be moved from time to time. It also works to cleverly set new accents with seasonal decorations or plants. But to completely renew a room, it often needs a new coat of paint. The service subscription Quattro Stagioni from MVM AG will [...]

Wall colors and their effect

Wall colors and their effect

We spend most of our time in rooms. It is therefore worthwhile to create a suitable atmosphere with a good selection of wall colors. Wall colors give a room a special character. They can be used, for example, to paint rooms monotonously, harmoniously with tone-on-tone or in bright contrasts. But what effect do the individual colors have and are some [...]

Modern and easy to care for - seamless wall and floor coverings

Seamless wall and floor coverings: modern and easy to care for

In these rooms, seamless wall and floor coverings come into their own. They are extremely easy to care for, extremely attractive and look extremely elegant: Seamless wall and floor coverings are currently absolutely in vogue. In addition, they are well on the way to becoming a design evergreen. Because seamless wall and floor coverings, such as Naturofloor and [...]

The most beautiful wallpaper trends for 2021

The most beautiful wallpaper trends for 2021

Painting, plastering or wallpapering? The advantages of interior design with wallpaper speak for themselves. The wallpapering work is not only particularly versatile, but with high-quality paper wallpapers you benefit from even more flexibility. Regardless of whether in living rooms, companies, institutions or public buildings - with a creative interior design you can achieve a lot in every room. We […]

5 tips for cleaning seamless wall and floor coverings

5 tips for cleaning seamless wall and floor coverings

Seamless floor and wall coverings not only look modern and high-quality. They are also particularly easy to care for, which makes Naturofloor and Terrazzo materials popular in bathrooms, public buildings, authorities and also with transport companies. Coverings laid without joints offer many advantages that you can gain permanently through appropriate cleaning. Seamless floors: place furniture How [...]

Hydrophobization - effective building protection against moisture

Hydrophobization is a form of impregnation that is used in building protection against rising damp in masonry. The term itself comes from ancient Greek and literally means something like “water-avoiding”. Techniques have changed over the years. Today they ensure that, for example, with [...]

Paint repair: this is how you effectively remove paint damage

Paint repair: this is how you effectively remove paint damage If the paintwork on a piece of furniture suffers, this can become a nuisance for the owner. But be careful, in very few cases it is necessary to replace the damaged item. Kitchen furniture, antique furniture or cherished pieces of furniture with a piano lacquer surface can be restored to new condition with a professional lacquer repair. This method is suitable for both [...]

Feeling good at the workplace - design options for offices

We spend a large part of our time at our workplace. People work more productively in an engaging and friendly environment. They feel more comfortable and their mood is much brighter. Details such as light, furnishings and indoor plants contribute to whether we feel comfortable in our office and perform well. Have an even greater impact [...]

Bathroom upgrade? 4 tips from the room expert

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? Let yourself be inspired with these 4 tips from the room experts for drywall construction - the right solution for your bathroom! Realizing creative ideas very easily with drywall construction With drywall construction, new divisions in the bathroom are very easy. Create shelves in previously unused niches. Install towel racks or create with [...]

Plastering work: which technology on which ground?

The plaster on the wall is there for a good reason: it protects the building, regulates the indoor climate and insulates the facade. But the various plastering work does not necessarily disappear under tiles or paintwork: beautifully crafted surfaces are definitely used for wall design. But not every plaster can be permanently applied to every surface - and of course the various [...]

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