Surface cosmetics

Bring new shine to your home with individual and state-of-the-art surface solutions from MVM - for an environment that is not only beautiful but also contemporary.

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Surface cosmetics - The art of surface refinement

The aesthetic design of building surfaces is of crucial importance for the overall appearance and quality of a building project. Surface cosmetics is about improving and beautifying surfaces to achieve a harmonious and attractive appearance.

Our experienced team of professionals has the know-how and techniques to treat construction surfaces and optimize their aesthetics. We offer a wide range of surface cosmetic services including reprofiling, retouching, texturing and coating. Whether it's removing imperfections, correcting discoloration or simply creating a smooth and even surface, we use our expertise to achieve the desired result.

By using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, we can design surfaces with a variety of textures and surface looks. Our goal is to transform construction surfaces and make them a standout element in every construction project.

Contact us today to learn more about our building cosmetics services and how we can help enhance and enhance your surfaces.

The importance of surface cosmetics

Surface cosmetics play a crucial role in the overall appearance and quality of a construction project. Using techniques such as reprofiling, retouching and coating, surfaces can be improved and beautified to achieve a harmonious and attractive appearance. High-quality surface cosmetics help maintain the value of the building and increase the well-being of residents or users by creating a pleasant environment. Overall, surface cosmetics are essential to ensure the visual quality and longevity of construction surfaces and meet expectations.

Our services

Innovative surface refinement

Discover tailor-made surface finishing solutions that bring elegance and modernity to your home or building.

Comprehensive renovation services

Whether facade construction, painting and plastering work or seamless surfaces – we offer a wide range of renovation services.

Longevity and aesthetics combined

Using high-quality materials and the latest technology, we guarantee the longevity and aesthetic superiority of your building surfaces.

And finally ...

Have we piqued your interest? Our team specializes in complete renovation work in the areas of facade construction, painting and plastering work, seamless surfaces and concrete work. We are available for you at the Emmen, Zug and Sursee locations. Would you like a renovation in Hochdorf, in Willisau and around Lake Sempach? Then you can hire our experts and be sure that we have the right concept for your individual needs. Because from now on we are also working for you in Sursee and the surrounding area.

Contact us now. In a free consultation, we would be happy to tell you more about our services as a painter in Sursee and all other renovation work.

Our customer base

Our clientele particularly appreciates the high quality and excellence of our work.
SNRI (Swiss Neuroradiology Institute)
The Swiss Neuro Radiology Institute (SNRI), part of the Swiss Clinical Neuro Sciences Institute (SCNSI), promotes brain health through cutting-edge technologies.
Hirslanden Hospital
The renowned Hirslanden Clinic has maintained excellent patient care by repairing building damage that has occurred over time.
Zurich Opera House
For three decades, our painting company has been the preferred partner of the Zurich Opera House, where we have completed a variety of significant projects.
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