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Feeling good at the workplace - design options for offices

We spend a large part of our time at our workplace. People work more productively in an engaging and friendly environment. They feel more comfortable and their mood is much brighter. Details such as light, furnishings and indoor plants contribute to whether we feel comfortable in our office and perform well. The colors that we perceive around us have an even greater influence. Bring color into your everyday office life or

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Wallpaper trends 2020

Wallpapers have long been an indispensable part of individual room design. They act as independent design elements and offer numerous possibilities for creative detailed solutions. With a wallpaper you create visual changes and set decorative accents. Time for a change of scenery in your home, because we will show you the trends for 2020 and inspire you to come up with something new. Jungle feeling and a touch of the exotic Are you ready for an adventure? A successful mix of wild animals and tropical plants

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Home office: The ideal room design for working from home

Much has been written and talked about the ideal work-life balance, work-life balance and people who spend too little time at home. And a lot has happened: home office is almost normal. Due to the current situation in 2020, many employers are - also necessarily - more open to the home office than before. But not everyone can be focused and at home

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Wallpaper vs. wall paint - who will win the race?

You want to feel comfortable in your own four walls. In addition to the individually selected furniture and flooring, the design of the walls also determines the atmosphere in living rooms. But an important question that arises here: is a fresh coat of paint better than a new wallpaper? Or isn't wallpaper the better solution in the long term? Whether you ultimately decide on wallpaper or wall paint depends on your needs

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