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MVM AG Zug is expanding its field of activity!

The MVM AG Zug branch is expanding its range of activities with painting and seamless surfaces. Our claim, «the broad range of services offered by the entire MVM Group; Internal and external plastering work, mobile blasting technology SPZ AG and now also painting / jointless - successfully expanding surfaces in Zug and Zurich ». The new proximity to our customers in Zug enables faster reactions and thus high-quality customer service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much

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Plastering work: which technology on which ground?

The plaster on the wall is there for a good reason: it protects the building, regulates the indoor climate and insulates the facade. But the various plastering work does not necessarily disappear under tiles or paintwork: beautifully crafted surfaces are definitely used for wall design. But not every plaster can be permanently applied to every surface - and of course the different types of plaster also require different processing techniques. We at MVM AG bring light today

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Why more and more builders are relying on drywall

Recognize the advantages of dry construction compared to classic solid construction or system walls. Find out how you can benefit from professional plastering. Drywall - when does the construction method make sense? Drywall has three advantages: simple, clean and inexpensive. The construction technology assigned to the plastering work can be implemented in the interior without great effort. The time factor is therefore lower. You can also plan the work when the house or apartment is occupied

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