Graffiti removal

With professional graffiti protection systems, your walls are protected from spray attacks. Rely on an expert to effectively remove graffiti.

Remove graffiti and prevent by protection

Graffiti can certainly be called art and that is also commissioned. However, they form a vanishingly small proportion among the large mass of what is considered to be graffiti and vandalism. Since graffiti sprayers always want to present their works to as wide an audience as possible, they usually prefer public buildings and structures such as bridges, railway stations including rail vehicles, large walls and the like.

Two problems arise for public administrations and property owners who are affected by this: On the one hand, it takes a lot of time and effort to remove graffiti and restore it to its original state. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider an effective graffiti protection or graffiti protection system to prevent renewed soiling. This is because the paints attack the building fabric in the long run. The sooner action is taken, the better. Our team at MVM would like to show you how you can remove graffiti and which graffiti protection helps against the nuisance.

Different options to remove graffiti

Before you remove graffiti and have an effective graffiti protection system applied, the type of substrate must be clarified. Concrete, clinker, metal, artificial and natural stone or fibre cement cannot be treated in the same way. The first option for graffiti removal is chemical cleaning with CHC- and aromatic-free, biodegradable products. In this case, the resulting dirty water is collected and disposed of properly.

A second method is the gentle jet technique with low pressure, also known as the eraser technique. Finally, for particularly sensitive surfaces, a dry ice blasting method is recommended. After graffiti removal, a thorough substrate treatment must be carried out before applying graffiti protection. This is because the paint sometimes penetrates very deeply, so that the material is also attacked during removal.

Preventive graffiti protection is better than removing graffiti

Also with a graffiti protection system, the right choice depends on the nature of the surface – what it is made of and whether it is smooth or textured, coated or uncoated. Depending on the graffiti protection system, temporary, semi-permanent or permanent protective layers are applied after removal.

For materials such as acrylic glass, plastics and plastic plasters as well as chrome steel, there is a graffiti protection system that is resistant to even the highest stresses. In addition, the market offers so-called 2-in-1 systems that protect against graffiti and at the same time have a hydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent effect.

MVM - Your graffiti expert

When it comes to graffiti removal and graffiti protection, it is best to trust a professional and reliable partner. As a layman, you can hardly do the work effectively and thoroughly enough. Then shades of the original graffiti often remain or the untreated wall areas look unsightly and dirty because only one part has been cleaned. If not treated properly, the surface usually becomes porous in the long term and suffers permanent damage. In addition, you have to take care of the professional disposal of the waste.

Our experts for graffiti removal and graffiti protection at MVM know which substrate to treat and how. They carry out all the necessary work independently and professionally, so that you no longer have to worry in the long run. In this area, we take on contracts for private individuals and companies, as well as long-term tasks within the framework of service contracts for municipalities and cantons. With a graffiti protection system from MVM, you permanently prevent this frequently occurring type of vandalism.

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