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Bathroom upgrade? 4 tips from the room expert

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? Let yourself be inspired with these 4 tips from the room experts for drywall construction - the right solution for your bathroom! Realizing creative ideas very easily with drywall construction With drywall construction, new divisions in the bathroom are very easy. Create shelves in previously unused niches. Install towel racks or create a spatial separation between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom with drywall sheets. Why drywall and suitable

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Why more and more builders are relying on drywall

Recognize the advantages of dry construction compared to classic solid construction or system walls. Find out how you can benefit from professional plastering. Drywall - when does the construction method make sense? Drywall has three advantages: simple, clean and inexpensive. The construction technology assigned to the plastering work can be implemented in the interior without great effort. The time factor is therefore lower. You can also plan the work when the house or apartment is occupied

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