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Improving room acoustics through plastering work: soundproof coatings and acoustic ceilings

Improving room acoustics

Room acoustics play a crucial role in companies and can make a significant contribution to the productivity and well-being of employees. Rooms are often burdened by high noise levels and unpleasant sound reflections. An effective solution to improve room acoustics is plastering, which includes special soundproof coatings and acoustic ceilings. In this blog post we will explore the possibilities of plastering work to reduce […]

Areas of application for seamless coverings: A wide range of possible uses for stylish rooms

Areas of application for seamless coverings

Seamless coverings are not only an aesthetic eye-catcher, but also offer practical advantages when designing interior spaces. In this blog post we look at different areas of application for seamless coverings on walls and floors. We highlight their possible uses in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, business and commercial properties and public buildings. Discover how seamless flooring improves the ambience and provides numerous […]

Creating a Color Concept for a Residential or Commercial Building: A Practical Guide

Creation of a color concept

An appealing color concept can significantly influence the mood and atmosphere of a residential or commercial building. Although it may seem like an overwhelming task to create a color concept at first, a structured approach can help you choose the right colors and combine them harmoniously with each other. In this guide you will learn how to create a color concept […]

Better room climate by painting and plastering - That's how it works

better indoor climate

The indoor climate plays an important role in our well-being and health. When it comes to improving the indoor climate, most people think of ventilation and air purification. But did you know that painting and plastering interiors can also have a significant impact on the indoor climate? In this blog post we will talk about how […]

The advantages of wallpaper over painting

Benefits of wallpaper

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to decorate a room and offers many advantages over painting. Easy to install, they offer a variety of designs, colors and textures that allow you to take any space in a whole new direction. In addition, wallpaper can also serve as protection and insulation. In this blog post […]

Mold in the bathroom

Mold in the bathroom

Mold can easily grow in damp and dark areas like bathrooms. It is important to identify and remove mold in the bathroom as it can pose serious health risks. Here you can find out how this occurs, how you can eliminate it and how to prevent it. Furthermore, in this blog post we explain the health risks of mold in […]

Tips for choosing the right color

Tips for choosing the right color

Careful color selection is an important aspect when decorating your home or business premises. It is important that you think about your personal style in advance and which colors go with it. The right color can help create a certain ambiance and make your space appear larger, brighter or more comfortable […]

The latest trends in wall design

Trends in wall design

Wall design is an important part of interior design and can have a major impact on the ambiance of a room. In recent years, some new trends in wall design have established themselves, which are both practical and stylish. Today we present some of these trends to you. Patterned wallpaper as a trend in wall design Patterned […]

Trend colors 2023: Colors for a unique wall design

Trend colors 2023

The start of a new year often means a fresh start in many areas of life. So why not in the apartment too? A new wall design with the trend colors 2023 can help to bring a breath of fresh air into your own four walls and make your home even more comfortable. But which colors are […]

Individual office design

Individual office design

The design of your office is an important figurehead for customers and employees alike. Your individual office design should reflect your own corporate philosophy and represent it to the outside world. But what should you pay particular attention to when designing your own company premises? And how does the office design affect employee or customer loyalty in detail? In […]

New year, new wallpaper

New year new wallpaper

New year - new wallpaper? How about a completely new, individual furnishing look in the new year? Redesign your home with wallpaper and get to know the current trends and colors for the coming year. We at MVM AG will help you to make your apartment even more inviting, stylish and […]

New spatial structure thanks to dry construction

New spatial structure thanks to dry construction

With the help of dry construction measures, the structures of rooms can be flexibly changed. For example, sub-areas can be separated from each other by installing drywall. In this article you will find out how the new room structure can be designed thanks to drywall and what options you have to individually remodel your apartment or house with the help of drywall. What exactly is drywall? […]

plasterer in Switzerland

plasterer in Switzerland

Would you like to renew existing gypsum elements, attach stucco work to give an old building look or do similar plastering work? Then you need a plasterer in Switzerland. We are your competent partner for all your upcoming plastering work. In this article we will introduce you to the various possible uses of plaster and our work as a plasterer in Switzerland. Applications of […]

Seamlessly renovate the bathroom

Seamlessly renovate the bathroom

There are many reasons for renovating a bathroom. Regardless of whether it needs to be renewed due to its age, should be made age-appropriate or simply a new look is desired. One thing always makes sense when you're at it: renovating the bathroom seamlessly! What advantages does this bring and what options do you […]

Cladding the ceiling - which option is suitable

Cladding the ceiling of the room - which option is suitable

When it comes to interior design, the main focus is on the design of the walls and floor. But the ceiling also has a significant impact on the feeling of space and can even become a representative eye-catcher. Therefore, the question arises: how can you disguise a room ceiling? Different options when you want to clad your ceiling To clad the ceiling […]

Mold in the apartment - what now?

Mold in the apartment - what now?

Many tenants and owners know the problem. If there is mold in the apartment, you should not put off removing it. Moisture is a multiplier of mold growth and the main reason when mold grows on the windows and in the corners of the room. Above a certain concentration, fungal development due to flying spores […]

Plaster or wallpaper indoors?

plaster or wallpaper

If you want to design a room indoors, the question quickly arises: plaster or wallpaper? Find out here which of the two options is more suitable for your individual project and has more advantages. The respective advantages and disadvantages of plaster and wallpaper An important prerequisite when choosing whether it should be plaster or wallpaper […]

The matching restaurant wallpaper

restaurant wallpaper

When furnishing and renovating in the catering trade, the walls play a major role in relation to the interior and the atmosphere in the premises. You have already decided on wallpaper, but you are wondering which is the right restaurant wallpaper for your premises? We will show you the options available and will be happy to help you […]

Drywall in the bathroom - increasingly common

Drywall in the bathroom

Drywall is being used more and more often - to separate rooms, to put a walk-in closet in the bedroom or in the bathroom. But why exactly is drywall becoming more and more popular in the bathroom and how is it used correctly? We provide you with the answers to these questions here. What is drywall? A drywall is […]

Room design in the kitchen

Room design in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the whole house. At the same time, the interior design in the kitchen must meet many different requirements: a kitchen should be hygienic and clean, but at the same time you should feel comfortable in it and feel like cooking or eating. After the meal, the kitchen should also be cleaned as quickly and effectively as possible […]

Seamless wall covering

Seamless wall covering

A seamless design in your own house or condominium looks elegant and timelessly modern. The seamless style is being used more and more frequently, especially as a floor covering. But seamless wall coverings are also very much in vogue again. In this article you will learn why this is so. Why seamless wall covering? Of course, the visual appearance of your own […]

Painting baby room: which color choice is the right one?

Paint the baby room

Are you wondering which color is the right one to paint your baby's room? But you think baby blue for boys and soft pink for girls is outdated? We give you tips on which colors make the most sense for the baby room. Choose bright and not too intense colors If you paint the baby room, make […]

Which wallpaper type are you?

wallpaper type

Every person is unique – individual. The same applies to the four walls at home. Regardless of whether it is an apartment, house, furnishings or decoration, even each individual room has an individual charm that has a lot to do with the uniqueness of the residents. Surely you also want to integrate a personal touch into your furnishing style. And this starts with […]

Discreet wall design for more well-being at home

Subtle wall design

Feel at home in a timelessly beautiful environment. Who does not want that? It is undisputed that the facility plays a major role in this. But what about the walls? If they are too bland and cold, the room looks uncomfortable, if they are too colourful, it may be that after a short time you will not […]

Something different: 5 creative wallpapering ideas

creative wallpapering ideas

Anyone who is fed up with plaster and wall paint, but instead often and happily redesigns their living environment, reaches for wallpaper. What they look like is up to personal taste. Only one thing is important: you must feel comfortable between your walls. But which decor is the right one? We show you 5 creative wallpapering ideas. 1. Wallpaper with arabesques in aluminum look If it […]