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Renovate the facade

Timely facade renovation to prevent algae and fungus infestation

If you are a homeowner, you can certainly sing a song about it: Especially in our part of the world, it is often the case that algae and fungus infestation cause ugly discoloration and spoil the outer walls. The once beautiful look of the house is gone. But what can you do about it? Ask MVM - we will help you to renovate your facade. Infestation with algae and fungi - how it happens In many parts of the world

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Cracks in the masonry

Cracks in the masonry - what now?

Cracks in the masonry cause a greater horror at first. But they don't always have to be bad. Nevertheless, you should have the cracks checked by a professional and repaired promptly. Before cracks in the masonry can be repaired, the type of crack must be clarified. The measures depend on the type of cracks and the influence they have on the structural analysis. Different Types of Cracks Cracks in masonry can have different causes

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