People - this is how we work

Originating from a long-established painting and plastering business, MVM AG is now a leading painting and plastering company in Central Switzerland. With around 140 employees, MVM has its finger on the pulse of the market, picks up on current trends and constantly trains around 20 apprentices.

Our philosophy

On the one hand, MVM has retained the character of a family business. On the other hand, we are now consistently process-oriented. The principles of lean management are upheld through continuous improvement processes. Accordingly, our employees are also constantly trained.

Because our goal is your satisfaction. Living customer orientation is our credo. We combine tradition with innovation, professional skill with amazing creativity. We regard quality and adherence to deadlines as a matter of course.

This is made possible by a team spirit that is lived out. We uphold the values of openness, honesty and reliability - among ourselves as well as towards you as our customers.

Customer service: 24-hour service

For urgent matters, MVM has a flexible and fast-acting customer service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The owners

01 MVM AG Sasha Ziswiler
Managing Director and Co-owner Sascha Ziswiler

Team Zug

15 MVM AG Rexhaj Fatlind
Managing Director
Plastering/Drywalling and Facade Construction
Fatlind Rexhaj
22 MVM AG Carsten Kunz
Managing Director
Painting, Jointless Surfaces
Carsten Kunz
02 MVM AG Martin Schumacher
Member of the Executive Board Martin Schumacher
Fowler Ian Web
Head of Department Painting Ian Fowler

Networked - these are our memberships

MVM AG is a member of SMGV, the Swiss Painting and Plastering Contractors Association, as well as SPR Switzerland, the Association for Mould and Room Toxic Remediation.

Mission: Mould

Mould occurs in the best of households. In fact, in about 25% of all properties. And once it’s there, painting over it is of next to no use. Because mould is stubborn. For a lasting solution, consult our mould service. We will eliminate the fungus in such a way that it will be difficult for it to return. Of course, we also know our way around other moisture problems and water damage.