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MVM is a specialist painting company that carries out painting work professionally, reliably and precisely. Our team is at your side with words and deeds.

MVM - the professionals for painting work

It is therefore worthwhile to hire a specialist painting company who not only carries out the tasks mentioned professionally, reliably and on time, but can also give its customers detailed advice beforehand and implement their wishes and ideas. Our team for painting works is at your side in all matters with words and deeds.

An important part of our work is first of all to deal with your needs and to give you valuable tips and advice on the design of your apartment or house based on our long experience. We underpin the whole thing with examples and patterns so that you can get an idea in advance and know what materials and color design options are available.

In practice, we then do the painting on ceilings and walls, decorate your rooms with wallpaper, plaster or stucco and carry out various surface treatments. Bathrooms and kitchens, for example, require different materials and processing methods than living rooms, dining rooms and children's rooms. Our experts in the MVM team have the right answers to your questions.

Painting not only has protective and decorative functions. It can also be used to create very specific spatial effects if it is perfectly crafted. Painting, for example, can illuminate living spaces differently in interaction with different light sources. Comfortable corners can be created for relaxation or bright islands of light for productive work. With multi-colored paintwork - to match the rest of the ambience - you can convey your very own personal message, which contributes to well-being and really gives you the feeling of being at home.

Colors have their very own effect. They can stimulate, calm, make productive, and even aggressive. Red appears dynamic and powerful, green harmonious and balanced, blue rather cool and distant. Many professional color designers swear by multicolored designed rooms, whereby two thirds of the surfaces should develop a calming character with neutral colors. A third, on the other hand, can serve as a stimulus with pastel or colored pencil-like tones.

MVM AG - we ensure perfect painting work in your four walls

So that our painting in your home can fully meet your expectations, it is best to arrange a free visit to your home with us. Then we can calmly get an idea of ​​the lighting conditions, of your furniture and home accessories as well as the size of the ceilings and walls.

As a specialist company with many years of experience, we guarantee you the perfect execution of all classic painting work - be it painting, wallpapering or another type of surface treatment and design. Our painting team from MVM looks forward to your inquiry and your very individual project!

New building Beckenhof, Sursee
Plastered external thermal insulation, clinker facing Architecture: Galliker and Riva Architekten AG Construction management: Cerutti Partner Architekten AG, Sursee
Adligenswilerstrasse 16, Lucerne
Painting and plastering work, plastered external thermal insulation. Architecture & construction management: Galliker and Riva Architekten AG, Lucerne
THE HOTEL, Lucerne (Restaurant Bambou)
Decorative painting work Architecture: Jean Nouvel, Paris Construction management: Stadelmann Baumanagement AG, Lucerne
Rathausen monastery complex, Emmen (under monument protection)
Exterior painting, coating on copper shingles, banisters Architecture: Bosshard & Luchsinger, Lucerne Construction management: TGS Bauökonomen AG, Lucerne
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Reference: Radisson Blu Hotel, Lucerne

Reference: Adligenswilerstrasse 16, Lucerne

Reference: THE HOTEL, Lucerne (Restaurant Bambou)

Reference: Rathausen monastery complex, Emmen (under monument protection)

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