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Innovative facade design: A fusion of aesthetics and functionality

Innovative facade design

The facade of a building is the first thing we notice when we approach it. It shapes the character and appearance of a building and plays an important role in architecture. In recent years, however, facade design has developed significantly and innovative approaches are on the rise. Nowadays the […]

Energy-saving facade solutions

energy-saving facade solutions

The energy efficiency of buildings is playing an increasingly important role, both from an ecological and economic perspective. Energy-saving facade solutions are a crucial measure for reducing energy consumption. In this blog post we will take a closer look at different types of such facade solutions. Why energy-saving facade solutions are important The energy consumption of buildings has a significant impact on the environment. Through […]

Facade materials and their diversity: An inspiring selection for every building

Facade materials

Choosing the right facade material is crucial to the aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency of a building. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of siding materials and look at their advantages and disadvantages. Whether you prefer a traditional feel or are looking for modern and forward-thinking options, here you will find inspiration and information to create the perfect […]

The facade season begins!

facade season

When the temperatures rise and the sun shines, the façade season begins. But why is facade maintenance so important in summer? And what services does a craft business like MVM AG offer in this area? We have summarized the most important information for you. Why is facade maintenance important in summer? In summer, the weather conditions for […]

Aspects of facade construction

Aspects of facade construction

The facade is of great importance for houses: it protects your house from environmental influences to which it is constantly exposed. However, your facade is also particularly important for the first impression and the look in general. In addition, it should fit your own preferences so that it brings joy in the long term. In this article we will go over […]

Save heating costs thanks to the right facade insulation

Save heating costs thanks to the right facade insulation

Numerous households are suffering from the enormous increase in electricity and heating costs. Is it possible to effectively save on heating costs and reduce spending on heating and energy? The best way to reduce expenses in this area is to properly insulate the property. Façade insulation can help save on heating costs. Find out how you can benefit from [...]

Strong against vandalism - prevent graffiti

Strong against vandalism

Summer is here and many sprayers are out and about again to "embellish" private walls, garage doors or the like with tags and other graffiti. Arm yourself with professional help from MVM against vandalism. We help you not only to remove graffiti, but also to prevent it. Removing graffiti: How often does that have to be? […]

Permanent facade care

Permanent facade care

Caring for facades is important, but is often neglected. In most cases, small cracks or the like can be repaired quickly and easily. On the other hand, if you wait until it's too late, you can't avoid an expensive facade renovation. That is why long-term facade care makes sense and is also very easy with professional help from MVM AG. [...]

Decorative fine clay plaster for finishing surfaces

decorative fine clay plaster

Decorative fine clay plaster is currently all the rage. The reason: Different surfaces from pots to decorative clay plaster can be refined with it. You can find out exactly what decorative fine clay plaster is and how to use it here. What is decorative fine clay plaster? Decorative fine clay plaster is a powder to be mixed with water. It has many advantages: It is [...]

Set colored accents in the facade design

set colored accents

Individual facades stand out and make the landlords happy. It is no coincidence that many owners use colored accents on their facades and incorporate their individual ideas into the design. But what works and what doesn't? We clarify! Current trend colors Bright colors such as red, violet or grass green are a booming trend in [...]

Timely facade renovation to prevent algae and fungus infestation

Renovate the facade

If you are a homeowner, you can certainly sing a song about it: Especially in our part of the world, it is often the case that algae and fungus infestation cause ugly discoloration and spoil the outer walls. The once beautiful look of the house is gone. But what can you do about it? Ask MVM - we will help you to finish your facade [...]

Cracks in the masonry - what now?

Cracks in the masonry

Cracks in the masonry cause a greater horror at first. But they don't always have to be bad. Nevertheless, you should have the cracks checked by an expert and repaired promptly. Before cracks in the masonry can be repaired, the type of crack must be clarified. The measures depend on what type of cracks are involved and what influence [...]

Rehabilitation of floor elements

Rehabilitation of different floor elements

You need a specialist for the renovation of floor elements. Regardless of whether it is ceramic floor tiles or a seamless design with terrazzo floors or Naturofloor. Damage can occur no matter how careful you are with the floor. Structural damage, such as cracks in the concrete or damage caused by botched installation, is also not uncommon. In order to restore the original condition of the floor covering [...]

Plastering as a facade design - there are these possibilities

Plastering for facade design - these possibilities exist

With plastering as a facade design, you choose a modern facade that can be made with very different plastering techniques, plaster thicknesses and materials. What options are there and what differences need to be taken into account in terms of work technology and visual appearance when building a facade? Why plaster as a facade design? There are more than just aesthetic reasons in favor of a plastered facade. The applied plaster protects against [...]

Have monument preservation carried out professionally

Have monument preservation carried out professionally

In professional monument preservation, the focus is on preserving historical substance. Here the relics from bygone times are to be refreshed for posterity. Regardless of whether facades, monuments, statues or buildings - it is important to preserve all of this permanently and to secure it for the future. However, there are also certain challenges associated with this. Is it [...]

Facade insulation - which insulation is worthwhile?

Facade insulation - which insulation is worthwhile?

With an insulated facade you save energy costs and create a pleasant room climate. There are different insulation systems in which you make the selection based on the building fabric and the conditions on site. If you install the facade insulation as part of an energetic renovation, it makes sense to compare the systems. The different types of facade insulation at a glance You can [...]

A question of design: creative facade optics

Get creative in facade design with MVM

The facade design has a lasting effect on the characteristic appearance of your home. The facade leaves the first impression and is largely responsible for how an object looks when presented outside. There are no limits to your creativity in facade construction and in your own design. Diverse combination options for the facade design You cannot choose the facade design or [...]

Graffiti protection: Remove quickly & protect over the long term

Graffiti protection Remove quickly & protect over the long term

Graffiti is a nuisance, especially in urban areas, but also on private facades. If your property is in a well-frequented area, it is particularly interesting for graffiti artists. The orientation is shown by the fact that, for example, motorway bridges and train station buildings are very often affected. Therefore, a graffiti protection is recommended. Safely remove graffiti from walls - we [...]

Fire protection in facade construction - that's what counts!

Fire protection requirements play an essential role in facade construction. The building physics goals should already be clearly defined in the planning of the facade design and integrated in accordance with the legal requirements. The fire protection requirements in facade construction As a client, you face a number of challenges in the area of ​​facade design. In terms of building physics and fire protection, there are strict requirements that are imposed by the legislature with regard to the materials and [...]

Facade insulation is worthwhile for homeowners

Facade insulation

With facade insulation you can save a lot of energy - and thus also heating costs. Without proper insulation, around 30 percent of your heating energy is wasted outside. Studies show that facade insulation alone saves up to 20 percent on heating costs. The older the facade and the higher the heating costs, the faster the investment pays for itself. Which insulation is how [...]

5 signs your facade should be renovated!

Anyone who knows a little about facade construction and takes care of the renovation of their facade at an early stage can prevent long-term consequential damage and increase the value of their property. The facade renovation is an important measure to maintain the value of your property. As a rule, the older the building, the greater the need for renovation. But how do you know that a facade renovation is necessary [...]