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Fresh from the apprenticeship - our newest MVM painters and plasterers

May we introduce you to our new apprenticeship graduates? From now on Valbon Nuhiji and Samir Galatean call themselves plasterer practitioners EBA. Stanly Gaston and Kim Vornarburg have successfully learned the profession of EFZ painter. Argent Rexhaj also completed his apprenticeship as a painter practitioner EBA with flying colors. You too can opt for an apprenticeship at MVM AG in Emmen! Enjoyment of form: the plasterer apprenticeship training “Shape your future with craftsmanship” - true to this motto, we design

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MVM Unplugged

Every year again! And this year Sascha Ziswiler (Managing Director MVM) and Manuel Naranjo (singer of “Blue Haze”) led through an evening full of food, drink and singing. Our approximately 200 partners, employees and customers who were present were able to take a culinary detour to the green island on September 5th and let themselves be pampered with the finest Irish whiskeys and Angus beef from the grill. For those who go one step further

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Start of teaching in 2019

Also this year we warmly welcome 5 new young talents to MVM AG. We look forward to the exciting and enriching cooperation and wish everyone a perfect start into their apprenticeship! From left to right: Andrea Martinelli (plasterer intern), Tanja Künzli (painter EFZ), Alvaro Mendes Teixeira (plasterer EFZ), Matteo Marcellino (painter EFZ), Esveda Sakiri (KV E-Profil)

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Our specialists for concrete cosmetics

From left to right: Dominik, Nicole, Dino and Manuel - our experts when it comes to correcting construction defects in the area of ​​exposed concrete perfectly and protecting them permanently in accordance with the requirements. Due to its versatility in processing, optics and haptics, exposed concrete is a very important and widespread building material today. Due to the nature of the material, however, unaesthetic areas often remain, even under the best of conditions, which have to be processed afterwards. Discoloration, broken corners or

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Naughty young colorful

What an evening! 200 enthusiastic customers enjoyed an evening under the motto: Cheeky, young, colorful, with bold models on the catwalk, dressed by Gränicher, footballers from SC Kriens and FC Luzern. MVM at it's best, assembling, plastering, painting for once M for fashionable, V for seductive and M for must: It has become a must to be part of our annual event. Of course with delightful fragrances from the Italo-Hispano pleasure shop, fine wines, and distilled beverages from Kari Sigrist

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These are the new learners

Since this summer we have new, young and motivated talents who start their training with us. We look forward to the time ahead with you and wish everyone a smooth start. From left to right: von Wartburg Jana painter EFZ, hobbies: swimming, reading, gardening, music, young rifle club, MVM AG Emmen. Rexhaj Argent painter practitioner EBA, hobbies: football, friends, cooking, MVM AG Emmen. Tesfit Ghide Internship painting (bridge offer), hobbies: swimming, fitness, playing the piano, MVM AG Emmen. Galatean Samir plasterer practitioner EBA, hobbies: ice hockey, football, swimming, MVM AG Emmen.

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