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Something different: 5 creative wallpapering ideas

Anyone who is fed up with plaster and wall paint, but instead often and happily redesigns their living environment, reaches for wallpaper. What they look like is up to personal taste. Only one thing is important: you must feel comfortable between your walls. But which decor is the right one? We show you 5 creative wallpapering ideas. 1. Wallpaper with arabesques in an aluminum look When it comes to creative wallpapering ideas, white wallpapers are still in demand. Get the kick you need

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change of scenery

Time for a change of scenery

Start the new year with a change. A change of scenery is a good solution here. New year, new room design? The wallpaper needs to be renewed from time to time. The New Year is not only suitable for making good resolutions, it is also the ideal time for a change of scenery. If you want to start with new vigor and new motivation, you should cut off old braids and remove yellowed wallpaper. How do wallpapers affect our mood and ours?

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Color advice living space

Beautiful living - with color advice from the experts

There's nothing like a little bit of color in your home or business premises. A place where you really feel at home or where perfect conditions prevail to be productive. Because correctly chosen, the color can have a positive effect on the mood and even direct it in a certain direction. However, laypeople in particular often choose colors that match the furnishings or the desired result. Then it can be done quickly

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Feeling good at the workplace - design options for offices

We spend a large part of our time at our workplace. People work more productively in an engaging and friendly environment. They feel more comfortable and their mood is much brighter. Details such as light, furnishings and indoor plants contribute to whether we feel comfortable in our office and perform well. The colors that we perceive around us have an even greater influence. Bring color into your everyday office life or

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Wallpaper trends 2020

Wallpapers have long been an indispensable part of individual room design. They act as independent design elements and offer numerous possibilities for creative detailed solutions. With a wallpaper you create visual changes and set decorative accents. Time for a change of scenery in your home, because we will show you the trends for 2020 and inspire you to come up with something new. Jungle feeling and a touch of the exotic Are you ready for an adventure? A successful mix of wild animals and tropical plants

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Bathroom upgrade? 4 tips from the room expert

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? Let yourself be inspired with these 4 tips from the room experts for drywall construction - the right solution for your bathroom! Realizing creative ideas very easily with drywall construction With drywall construction, new divisions in the bathroom are very easy. Create shelves in previously unused niches. Install towel racks or create a spatial separation between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom with drywall sheets. Why drywall and suitable

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Home office: The ideal room design for working from home

Much has been written and talked about the ideal work-life balance, work-life balance and people who spend too little time at home. And a lot has happened: home office is almost normal. Due to the current situation in 2020, many employers are - also necessarily - more open to the home office than before. But not everyone can be focused and at home

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The spatial sound 1 × 1 - this is how your acoustic ceiling is perfect

The atmosphere of a room lives from the sound. How does the sound move through the room? Do noises sound muffled or is there a slight echo? Does it sound rather soft in the room, or do the individual tones have a “hard edge”? Acoustics actually play a role in every room - in the living environment as well as in rooms used for business purposes, in schools and kindergartens. But a good acoustic system is particularly important where people come together

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Courage to use dark wall colors - why it's worth it!

Dark colors have so far been a rarity in apartments. Many homeowners and tenants tend to use more cautious color schemes and still opt for the white paint on ceilings and walls. Dark colors get a lot more out of a room with the skilful use of light-shadow effects. They create uniqueness and give the home an individual note. Which dark shades are trendy, which colors are really convincing and how to use them

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