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Wall colors and their effect

We spend most of our time in rooms. It is therefore worthwhile to create a suitable atmosphere with a good selection of wall colors.

Wall colors give a room a special character. They can be used, for example, to paint rooms monotonously, harmoniously with tone-on-tone or in bright contrasts. But what effect do the individual colors have and are some of them more suitable for certain rooms than others?

Wall colors and their effect - a color theory

As different as the colors look, their effect is just as different to us. Each color has a different meaning, so some rooms are better suited than others. In the following you will find a more detailed description of the individual colors:


The color yellow is considered cheerful, stimulating, bright and communicative. This color makes a room shine and makes it appear wider or larger due to the brightness. That is why yellow is ideal for rooms that get little natural light. The light color stimulates the mind and creativity. However, if the color tone in a room is too bright, a stay can be exhausting in the long run.


The color red stands for energy, fire, love, activity and life force. It has an invigorating and stimulating effect. With the color red, the tone used is of great importance for the effect. A yellowish red creates a warm and homely atmosphere. Therefore, such a shade is well suited for areas such as the living room. With a tone that tends to merge into blue, it looks elegant and modern. In addition, the room gains a special freshness in combination with the color white.

Red is ideal for setting strong accents. The color also has a special signal effect. Therefore, it should only be used as a wall paint on smaller areas. Large red areas have an oppressive effect on us.


The color blue looks cool, calm and fresh. We connect them with the distance, the sky and the water. The color is unobtrusive and gives a room the feeling of space. Combined with furniture made of natural wood, a blue wall gives a room an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness. In addition, the calm color promotes concentration and can be complemented with a yellowish tone in this regard. Therefore, blue is also particularly suitable for rooms in which people work in a concentrated manner.


Green stands for hope, calm, inspiration, freshness and nature. Rooms in this color have a calming effect and balance us out. This effect can be intensified with a bluish tone. A yellowish tone in the color green, on the other hand, has a revitalizing effect. Red accents make a green room even more lively.

Which colors fit in which room?

Each room has a specific purpose. Matching wall colors underline this and create the right atmosphere. You can find out which wall colors are best for which rooms below:

Living room

The living room is a living room that should exude a feel-good atmosphere. Therefore, light and warm wall colors are ideal here. Red, orange and green are ideal for those who like it gaudy. If the room is to be particularly lively and warm, red or orange is the right choice. Green, on the other hand, gives the room a particularly cozy atmosphere, has a balancing effect and promotes concentration.


The bedroom is a place of relaxation. That is why cool and darker tones such as blue, brown or bordeaux are ideal here. A dark wall combined with other walls in light white and cream tones creates a perfect atmosphere. Furthermore, natural colors such as beige and green, which promote balance and calm, are ideal.

Dining room

Family and friends come together in the dining room. Of course, you can also eat here. Bright and cheerful wall colors such as green, yellow, orange and red make the room look inviting and are therefore particularly suitable. Alternatively, the same effect can also be achieved with subtle wall colors and bright accessories. The colors yellow, orange and red stimulate the appetite and underline the feeling of passion and enjoyment while eating.


The bathroom can be designed in a variety of ways in terms of the choice of colors. That's why it can be colorful here. The color green creates a good mood, a feeling of purity and creates a regenerating atmosphere. Blue and turquoise give the room a sea atmosphere and appear equally fresh and hygienic. If a small bathroom does not get daylight, the color yellow is suitable. It makes the room appear lighter and larger.


The kitchen is a versatile place. This is where food is prepared, eaten, chatted and coffee is drunk. Warm tones such as red and orange underline this particularly well. But be careful: there are often a lot of appliances in the kitchen, when it comes to wall colors, less is more. The style of the kitchen furniture should also be taken into account when choosing the wall colors, as these often remain in use for a long time.

Office / study

Wall paints that promote concentration and create a calm atmosphere are ideal in the study. Colors like turquoise, yellow, and green do just that. For those who are easily distracted, neutral tones like gray are recommended.


The color theory gives us good advice on the right choice of colors for our own four walls. However, it is always an individual decision. The main thing is that those who use the rooms like it. As a professional painting and plastering company, MVM AG will be happy to advise you on all aspects of wall paints.

Contact us now, our team of painters from MVM is looking forward to your colorful project.

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