Seamless wet rooms: modern design for bathrooms

Both aesthetics and functionality play a crucial role in bathroom design. An innovative option that combines both aspects is seamless wet rooms. These not only offer a modern appearance, but also practical advantages, especially in terms of hygiene and ease of care. Two outstanding options for seamless wet rooms are Naturofloor and Terrazzo. Join us on a journey through the options for seamless wet rooms and their benefits!

What makes seamless wet rooms so special?

Seamless wet rooms are a remarkable innovation in bathroom design that offers a number of unique benefits. The main advantage lies in their seamless surface, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ensures improved hygiene. In contrast to conventional tiles, there are no joints in seamless wet rooms - as the name suggests. Therefore, no dirt or bacteria can accumulate in them. This makes them easier to clean and provides a more hygienic environment, especially in damp areas such as showers. Joints are often the first place where mold forms in wet rooms. You can also prevent this by using seamless surfaces.

In addition, the seamless surface allows for individual design without restrictions due to tile formats or patterns. This offers space for creative design ideas and allows for a consistent aesthetic throughout the bathroom.

With materials such as Naturofloor or Terrazzo, seamless wet rooms can also provide a robust and long-lasting solution that can withstand the demands of everyday use. Overall, seamless wet rooms offer a modern and practical alternative to conventional tiles that impress in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Naturofloor: Modern versatility for wall and floor coverings

Naturofloor, a Swiss quality product from Sandman AG, has established itself as a leading mineral material for wall and floor coverings since its market launch in 1990. Made from a mixture of quartz sand and white cement, Naturofloor offers a wide range of design options. With individual structures, shades and a color palette of 210 shades, Naturofloor enables the implementation of even the most unusual design ideas.

Seamless wet cells made from Naturofloor are not only suitable for bathrooms, but also for other wet areas such as kitchens or sauna areas. The processing is carried out by certified specialist companies such as MVM AG and offers a seamless and high-quality solution for renovation projects and new buildings alike.

Seamless wet rooms in a design of historical elegance with terrazzo

Terrazzo floors have a long history and are now enjoying a renaissance in modern interior design. Originally made from lime chips and lime mortar, terrazzo today offers a variety of design options. By using different materials such as marble, dolomite or granite chips, individual patterns and color combinations can be created that make every bathroom a unique space.

As a wall and floor covering, terrazzo is not only extremely durable, but also completely seamless, which makes it ideal for wet areas such as showers. The smooth surface is easy to clean and offers a hygienic solution for bathrooms.

Care tips for long-lasting beauty

Both Naturofloor and Terrazzo are easy-care materials that will retain their beauty for years with proper cleaning and care. Clean water and a microfiber cloth are usually sufficient for Naturofloor, while terrazzo can be cleaned with alkaline soaps or polymer care substances. However, it is important to avoid acidic cleaners and abrasive substances to avoid damage.

You can also redesign your bathroom with seamless wet rooms!

With their versatility, durability and ease of care, seamless wet rooms are the perfect choice for discerning customers looking for a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing solution for their wet areas. If you also want an easy-care, hygienic covering for the wet areas in your home, we are your partner. Regardless of whether it's Naturofloor, terrazzo or another alternative that inspires you, we will install the desired covering professionally. Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of seamless coverings? Then take it Contact us come on and let us advise you!

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