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Seasonal variety in the office or in your own four walls

Especially when we spend a lot of time in a room, we are often fed up with it. Of course, furniture can be moved from time to time. It also works to cleverly set new accents with seasonal decorations or plants. But to completely renew a room, it often needs a new coat of paint. The Quattro Stagioni service subscription from MVM AG fulfills the desire for variety. Periodically changing colors transform your meeting room in the office or your living space into an oasis of well-being over and over again. The credo is: Seasonal variety makes you productive and happy.

Satisfied employees thanks to inspiring workplaces

In business it is often important to find new perspectives and to look at problems from a different point of view. To do this, employees need an environment in which they feel comfortable. An environment that challenges and inspires you again and again. You can create such an atmosphere with periodically changing colors in the meeting room. In summer, cooler shades such as turquoise or blue have a dampening effect on the sunlight and are also refreshing at the same time. In winter, when it is colder and darker outside, there is no sun. We long for light and warmth. Warm and strong wall colors can help here. In summer there are fresh seasonal flowers at the meeting table, in winter a plate of Christmas biscuits. Seasonal variety as a holistic concept ensures a good atmosphere. So nothing stands in the way of a pleasant atmosphere at a joint team meeting or an important customer appointment. Seasonal variety works: people who feel good are not only more productive, they also cooperate better.

The four seasons in your own four walls

But not only in the office, also at home hardly anyone wants to look at white walls all year round. The Quattro Stagioni service subscription transforms through seasonal variety your home in your own personal oasis of wellbeing, depending on the season. Especially when we spend a lot of time in our own four walls, it is important to set new accents. Should the summer living room be reminiscent of a plant jungle in lush green or in subtle blue of your last vacation by the sea? How about a Christmas fireplace lounge atmosphere in warm red and orange tones in winter? Our team will be happy to help you find a suitable color selection with which you can experience seasonal variety in your home.

Seasonal variety with the Quattro Stagioni service subscription

Anyone who no longer wants to be satisfied with white walls and wants to bring color to their office or home is with the Quattro Stagioni service subscription well advised. Benefit from the many years of experience, extensive specialist knowledge and competent advice from MVM AG. With the right partner at your side, seasonal variety and creative redesign of your rooms is very easy. Let yourself be inspired by a selection of different design options in our showroom in Emmen. Before the subscription is concluded, the materials and size of the areas to be adapted are coordinated.

Do you want to make your rooms varied? Contact us for a non-binding and free consultation. Seasonal variety enchants your rooms again and again.

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