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Fire protection in facade construction - if so, then do it right!

Structural fire protection must be well planned. Compliance with all requirements to prevent smoke and flames from spreading are essential principles.

Fire protection plays an important role in new construction and in the renovation of existing buildings. Fire protection measures are therefore essential in facade construction. They require expert planning and execution by the contracted trades. MVM AG knows all fire protection regulations and uses suitable materials for your building envelope for fire protection in facade construction. In addition to the statutory regulations, the focus is on the safety of all residents of a building. Therefore, the implementation of all fire protection measures in facade construction is an area that excludes compromises. High-quality materials and perfect assembly are a necessary basis for the functionality of the fire protection systems.

What is meant by fire protection?

Fire protection in facade construction refers to all measures to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. In this way, fire-resistant cladding protects residents and property in the event of an open fire or a cable fire. Architects and civil engineers are responsible for complying with the regulations for fire protection in facade construction. In cooperation with those responsible, the experts at MVM AG offer comprehensive support and implementation of the project. If a fire breaks out or there is a smoldering fire, building materials with the labels "flame-resistant" and "non-combustible" are decisive. This is the only way to keep the damage to a minimum.

The fire protection properties are divided into two classes. The designation 1 offers the highest level of safety and stands for building materials that are non-flammable. Insulation with the marking B1 can also be used for fire protection in facade construction. These are materials that are flame retardant and therefore safety-enhancing. Fire protection is an umbrella term for all measures that are implemented for the safety of residents and the building fabric of an object in the event of a fire.

Where do the fire protection regulations come from?

The Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies (VKF) a list of the fire protection regulations. The regulations are legally binding and binding for building owners, property developers and building planners. Switzerland is known worldwide for the highest safety standards for fire protection in facade construction. Because only VKF-tested materials and components are used. In this way, effective and legally compliant fire protection in facade construction is guaranteed for the safety of residents.

Construction materials used must have a specific, legally prescribed smoke and fire behavior. This includes, for example, composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS) and external wall insulation in the plaster (VAWD). MVM AG works strictly according to the current regulations and relies exclusively on cladding systems that are VKF-tested and safe. Your advantage is based on compliance with fire protection regulations in facade construction and the resulting safety in the event of a fire.

There are uniform fire protection regulations in Switzerland. Every building owner - private and commercial - is bound by the ordinances. The scope of fire protection measures in facade construction is based on various criteria, which we briefly explain in the following paragraph.

Criteria for fire protection requirements:

The legislation leaves no room for maneuver when it comes to fire protection in facade construction. There are some criteria that determine the scope of the fire protection measures and which are binding for you as the building owner. The more densely built up an area and the higher the risk of cross-flames, the stricter the fire protection requirements. You must also expect stricter requirements when constructing a multi-family building than when building your own home. The following factors decide which fire protection precautions you need to take into account when building a facade and have them professionally implemented.

Important points are the type of construction and use of the building. Added to this are the location, the threat to the neighborhood and the extent of the area. In densely populated residential areas and in inner-city areas, the requirements for fire protection in facade construction are correspondingly stricter. The building geometry and occupancy are two further criteria that are essential in the planning and implementation of fire protection measures. The construction of an apartment building also requires more extensive measures than the construction of a single-family house.

How much effort is required to comply with fire protection requirements depends on the properties of the building materials. The fire exposure, the fire behavior and the smoke risk of the materials form the basis of the necessary fire protection measures. A significant factor is the ability to fight fires by the fire brigade. Hardly flammable and smoke-forming building materials lower the requirements for additional fire protection measures. The accessibility to the property is also included in the fire protection planning, the selection of materials and the scope of work.

Leave fire protection measures to the specialist

Fire protection is a complex and very sensitive topic. A professional performance is essential for the measures to be effective and life-saving in the event of a fire. Even the best materials and composite systems only develop their effect when needed if they are professionally installed. MVM AG is in close contact with the people responsible in the area of ​​fire protection regulations. Only products that meet the requirements are installed and that protect your building and the people in it.

Insulation of the facade is planned due to today's energy saving regulations. This results in the importance of the fire protection measures suitable for the insulated facade. Special coatings and cladding are possible for fire protection in facade construction. In combination with fire protection joints, they ensure a longer resistance of the building materials to heat and fire. Plastering and the processing of plasterboard are also possible for legally compliant fire protection in facade construction.

As a specialist, MVM AG offers a large portfolio of measures, as well as the advantages of VKF-tested materials. Every property is different and has individual requirements for fire protection measures. In facade construction, you should fall back on expert services and ensure compliance with fire protection requirements. With MVM AG you can implement effective fire protection measures in facade construction. The smoke and flame protection is implemented in new construction projects and in the renovation of old buildings on the basis of the building fabric and its special requirements.

Fire protection in facade construction by MVM AG

Are you planning a renovation or are you in the conceptual phase of a new building project? Are you looking for a specialist who can carry out your facade construction including insulation and fire protection measures? Then the team of experts from MVM AG is a strong partner who knows the current fire protection regulations and carries out the practical implementation for you. Our concept is based on tailor-made, cost-effective solutions for maximum safety in the event of fire. Thanks to our many years of experience and the cooperation with specialized architects and civil engineers, we support you reliably from the first consultation. Fire protection in facade construction is a matter of trust and a task that must be carried out professionally.

Contact Sie uns jetzt for your new, fire-proof and smoke-protected facade! We would be happy to explain all the options for your property in a non-binding consultation. We work strictly according to the fire protection regulations for facade construction.

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