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Every surface is unique - Naturofloor

MVM AG is a qualified partner of Naturofloor. Our experts carry out your order professionally and ensure that your home is designed uniquely and individually according to your ideas - because every surface is unique. All information about Naturofloor is exclusively available from us!

Naturofloor - Every surface is unique

The Swiss quality product has played an essential role in the industrial sector since the 1990s. Since XNUMX, Naturofloor has also established itself in the private sector and delights the owners who seamless want rubbers with individual structures. Every floor and every surface is unique because the structure is unique in its appearance. In addition, it is an easy-care and hard-wearing covering for the highest demands.

Area of ​​application of Naturofloor

Each surface is unique and ideal for walls or floors in all living areas and in damp rooms. The material is also perfect for renovation projects for business premises that are intended to inspire enthusiasm with their representative character and individuality. You can create different moods by choosing individual colors and adjusting the surface structure to your taste. Since every surface is unique, your floor or wall will definitely attract attention and inspire your business partners or customers.


Why is every surface unique and how is it possible to create these unique designs? The basic material for Naturofloor is quartz sand. This is a mineral that consists exclusively or mostly of quartz grains. To create the surface, mineral material in the form of white cement is added to the quartz sand.

Which substrates are suitable?

The advantages of the Naturofloor are varied and are primarily based on the fact that it can be used on numerous substrates. In this way, you can create the desired surface, for example, on cement subfloors, flowing screed or anhydrite screed. Dry, crack-free and dust-free base plaster or lightweight walls are also suitable for transforming every surface into a one-off. Here it is important that there is double planking with reinforced and filled joints. You can also create a new surface on ceramic tiles.

It all depends on the structure

Each surface is unique because it has a unique and individual structure. Due to the different light influences, the surface appears alive and can make a room calm or noble, lively or completely natural. The look is cool but modern at the same time and creates a cozy atmosphere. Hand application makes each surface unique with a unique shade of colour. You can set individual color accents and combine the material with other building materials, for example. Thanks to a wide range of colors, even more individuality is possible.

Care and cleaning

Naturofloor does not allow commercial chemicals to penetrate and is very easy to clean with water and a microfibre cloth. They preserve the original beauty without having to do a lot of cleaning. In the case of heavy soiling, it is best to use a diluted cleaning agent, which you can also order from the MVM online shop.

Since every surface is unique, Naturofloor is characterized by unique and particularly high-quality properties. MVM will be happy to advise you and take care of the realization of your seamless surfaces.

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