Renovate house? 5 reasons that speak for it

Over the years, a house loses its luster and value. That can be changed. Measures that are implemented when renovating a house ensure a better attitude towards life and maximum well-being. Is your property getting old? Think about a renovation and let MVM advise you. We'll tell you why this is a good idea.

5 reasons why you should renovate your home

1. House as an investment

Real estate is a solid investment. In the last few years, houses have increased in value enormously as the demand is high and the supply is small. However, it is necessary to renovate a house at regular intervals and adapt it to current standards. The better the building structure and equipment of the property, the more valuable it is. Current trends include, for example, innovative technologies such as smart home equipment. Natural materials are also very much in vogue and increase the value of your home in the long term. MVM uses natural fibers and is a contact who will help you increase the value of your house.

2. Secure the value of the house for the youngsters

In most families, property is inherited from the descendants. When you renovate the home and bring it up to date, you are creating a precious legacy for your children and grandchildren. A renovated house is a good inheritance because it can be taken over and lived in, rented or even sold without additional work.

3. Create a healthy living environment

Nobody wants to have harmful or toxic materials in the house. But building materials such as asbestos, which were used a few decades ago, are known to be a health hazard. If you rely on the expertise of MVM for the renovation, all harmful materials will be replaced by natural materials such as hemp, straw, wool and clay or even seaweed. Talk to us and let us advise you on a healthy living environment through a renovation.

4. Reduce energy costs

Energy prices have risen rapidly in recent months. To reduce your electricity and heating bills, you should renovate your home. A well-insulated facade and an absolutely watertight roof are effective measures for Saving of heating costs. Modern insulation materials improve the room climate and sustainably reduce your energy consumption. These include wood fiber, cellulose, thermal hemp or sheep's wool, coconut fiber, cotton fiber and flax, foam glass or cork.

5. Renovate barrier-free - enjoy living in the house even in old age

Another point is the barrier-free conversion. Ground-level showers with seamless flooring, stairs with a stair lift and threshold-free transitions to the individual rooms can be considered when renovating the house with MVM.

Now is the time to renovate your home - MVM is there

You don't have to do the renovation alone and can rely on the MVM when renovating your house. Many requirements are difficult to implement, especially for laypeople. MVM is mainly known as a painter and plasterer. But we also have a lot of experience in building conversions and renovating houses. Are you planning a project? Talk to us and trust in an expert execution.

Take it now Contact and arrange a meeting with the professionals at MVM. We would be happy to take a look at your renovation project on site.

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