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Color theory for home and office

Colors accompany us on all paths: in dreams, in nature, in the office and in our own four walls. As diverse as they are, their effect on the human psyche is as varied. It is therefore important to choose the right color, especially at home and in the office. Color theory tells us how it should turn out. You can find out more about this here.

The psychological effect of colors

How to combine colors, use and what effect color theory can tell you what they have on the human psyche. It is particularly important when it comes to designing your own four walls and office. This is where you will spend most of the day. And you will feel the way the color environment affects you during this time. With the targeted choice of color, you can decide whether stress rebounds, whether you are concentrated or, on the contrary, nervous or even aggressive. At first glance, the laws of color theory are not recognizable. So get advice from the experts at MVM. They will help you to find the best color choice for home and office.

Color theory for your home

The effects that color theory ascribes to the individual colors can help you design the rooms in your home. When painting your bedroom walls, for example, it is best to use soothing tones. A light blue, for example, can ensure restful sleep or even combat sleep disorders. However, be careful not to choose a shade that is too bright, as this can have a contradictory effect and even encourage nightmares. Or you can opt for a dark red that also radiates warmth and security. In addition, this color can lead to an increase in eroticism. Here, too, be careful not to choose a color that is too intense, as this can have a negative effect on your potential for aggression.

You can design the living room and the kitchen according to your preferences. There are almost no limits to your imagination, only the colors should be bright and friendly. Yellow tones are recommended for rooms with less daylight. They enlarge the room, convey joie de vivre and happiness. Orange tones also have a similar effect. These are also suitable for the entrance area, as they create an inviting atmosphere. Green, on the other hand, is more stimulating and refreshing. Be careful with red. Applied too intensively, it can provoke stress and aggression. In the right color red conveys optimism, warmth and security.

According to color theory, you have fewer choices when designing your fresh-looking bathroom. You can of course leave it in white, this makes your bathroom look sterile. You can decide if that suits you. Better to stay completely in nature and use invigorating shades of green or blue. The latter look fresh and yet cosy.

Color theory for your office

What applies to the design of apartments according to color theory cannot be transferred one-to-one to office spaces. In addition to the feel-good factor, the focus here is on concentration and creativity. Depending on the company, however, the weightings can be different. We are happy to advise you on which colors achieve the desired effect and are still compatible with your company colors.

If you value creative work among your employees, you should keep the walls in orange tones. Because these shades stimulate our creativity center. In addition, the color stands for joie de vivre and is also well suited for entrance and reception areas. Blue tones, on the other hand, have a cool and calming effect in the office, just as desired in living areas. Together with yellow, which expresses liveliness and happiness, they ensure harmony and a sense of well-being in offices. In addition, shades of yellow can have a positive effect on our brainwaves and thereby increase our performance and ability to concentrate. However, be careful not to use any "dirty" shades.

A good example of an office color to avoid in your own home is purple. This color radiates transformation and change, but at the same time gives us a sense of protection and inspiration. The effect of this color can even be pain-relieving. However, since this color has a negative effect on our appetite, it should not be placed in dining rooms.


Colors have a great effect on the human psyche. Both at home and in the office, you should observe the rules of color theory and create the desired effects and moods. We at MVM AG will help you with this. So take it now Contact and arrange a free consultation with one of our employees.

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