Surface protection for mineral substrates

MVM AG manufactures high-quality floor and wall coverings from various minerals and then ensures professional installation. Among other things, we create coverings made of Naturofloor and concrete. These are considered to be particularly easy to clean and are even installed in wet cells. However, what few people know: These properties only arise through the surface protection. Due to their open-pored surface, all of these mineral substrates are actually susceptible to moisture by nature and are difficult to clean. In this article you can find out why this is the case and how we optimize the interfaces.

Mineral substrates: why is surface protection necessary?

Mineral substrates typically have an open-pored surface. Such surfaces are particularly susceptible to soiling, organic pollution and moisture damage. Nevertheless, MVM offers seamless surfaces made of concrete or high-quality Naturofloor that are particularly easy to clean. Our wall and floor coverings are even suitable for wet rooms or other areas that come into contact with moisture. However, this is only possible with adequate surface protection for mineral substrates. It effectively protects against dirt and moisture. Optionally, there is the possibility of setting new and attractive colors by means of surface protection. The feel and look of the mineral substrate are retained at all times.

Apply surface protection for mineral substrates afterwards

Does your mineral substrate already show dirt or moisture-related stains? Even then, MVM has the right tools to take effective action against it. There is a special protection for the surface that we can attach later. However, since serious errors can occur during installation, we always recommend that the subsequent surface protection be applied by a professional such as MVM AG. It should be mentioned here that existing stains on mineral substrates always require special concrete cosmetics. In this way, dirt and stains of all kinds can not only be treated, but also removed. After the stain has been removed, the surface protection is applied.

Act safely: Apply mineral substrates directly and professionally

We at MVM AG have a great deal of experience and expertise in the professional installation of mineral wall and floor coverings. We would also be happy to use high-quality mineral substrates for you. In the meantime, we ensure high-quality surface protection for mineral substrates right from the start, so that stains and dirt are avoided from the outset. We are also happy to give you helpful tips and instructions for cleaning and explain how much moisture your mineral substrate can tolerate. In this way, you too can safely prevent unsightly stains and dirt right from the start and do not have to deal with these unsightly blemishes in the first place.

Surface protection - important for easy cleaning and longevity

Surface protection is absolutely necessary for various mineral substrates. This makes it easy to clean substrates made of concrete or Naturofloor. The surfaces are given a water-repellent coating, which means that significantly less work is required. All wall and floor coverings look particularly chic and elegant despite surface protection.

Would you like to create a mineral covering with surface protection? Or are you looking for subsequent protection for mineral surfaces? MVM AG is at your side in all matters. Take today Contact Contact us and arrange a free consultation. We look forward to you!

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