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There's nothing like a little bit of color in your home or business premises. A place where you really feel at home or where perfect conditions prevail to be productive. Because correctly chosen, the color can have a positive effect on the mood and even direct it in a certain direction.

However, laypeople in particular often choose colors that match the furnishings or the desired result. Then it can quickly happen that after a short time you no longer like the choice and in the worst case it has a negative impact on the mood. For this reason, you should consider color advice and let a professional do the work with the color design.

The effect of colors

Colors have an effect on the human body and cause certain reactions. Yellow, for example, creates an optimistic and happy mood. Red looks lively and sensual. Green ensures relaxation and blue has a positive influence on the ability to concentrate.

Since every color looks different, some colors are more suitable than others for certain rooms. For example, red can be used in a targeted manner in rooms with a lot of movement. Blue conveys freshness and therefore fits very well into the bathroom. Soothing green tones, on the other hand, can be used almost anywhere.

In practice, the implementation of the colors is unfortunately not that easy. Because there are many different shades, nuances and combinations in addition to the basic colors. Good color advice takes all these facets into account and also caters to your personal taste.

Color advice at MVM AG

Zu Beginning of the color consultation we will clarify with you in which rooms the colors should be used and what effect you want to achieve with them. We also clarify the material selection for your new walls, floors, ceilings and facade surfaces.

Furthermore, we will present the current trends to you during the color consultation. At the same time we discuss the effect of the colors and color combinations on the room atmosphere. In our showrooms you can get an exact picture of the color combinations and take a close look at the various surfaces and plasters. Because in addition to the color, the effect of the surface structure plays a major role in the overall result.

After the first color consultation, we will take action on site and get an idea of ​​the type and size of your rooms. The existing furniture and home accessories are also included in the planning.

Highest quality standards

If you opt for color advice from MVM AG, you are opting for a holistic all-in-one solution. Because we not only take over the complete consultation and planning, but also the execution of the order.

We rely on the highest quality both in color advice and in implementation. We focus on creativity and innovative advice. As well as high-quality colors that meet our requirements for quality, durability and a long service life.

Color theory and color advice courses

For everyone who wants to deal more intensively with colors and their effects, we also offer Color advice and color theory courses at. Interesting, for example, for architects, interior designers and artists.

Have we aroused your interest in a color consultation? then Please feel free to contact us and find out more in a non-binding initial consultation.

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