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Renovation work by a specialist

The construction and real estate industry is booming inexorably, as many people want and implement their own home. Of course, your own home should be cozy and meet your personal needs. This is not always the case when you buy an older existing property. Are you unable or unwilling to renovate yourself? Then leave the renovation work to a professional. This means you are opting for professional quality and a quick move into your dream home.

What renovation works are necessary?

Depending on the condition of the property and your own preferences, renovation work can be very extensive and time-consuming. In some cases it is enough to repaint the walls. But in many old buildings only a complete renovation can help. Massive Remodeling are necessary when walls have to be moved or removed and floors have to be completely renewed. If the facade needs to be renovated, you need scaffolding and a lot of plastering experience. Successful renovations without problems require technical expertise and a concrete overview of all the measures that need to be carried out in your property. If you lack technical know-how or if you don't have time to carry out the renovation work, ask us.

MVM is a specialist in renovation work of all kinds!

Our core competencies include decorative conversions as well as painting and plastering work that give your walls an individual touch and a lot of personal charm. MVM is a strong partner in drywall and facade construction as well as in the production of seamless floors and surfaces. Your new room design is very easy to implement. And all that without you having to deal with the renovation work yourself. Let our team of experts at MVM know your personal wishes. In a conversation we will find out what we can do for you. 

+ Decorative tags: Does your house need a new interior design? By removing or relocating walls, exposing wooden beams and individual wall cladding, we create your own personalized ambience.

+ Painting and plastering work: Wallpapering and painting, plastering or wood paneling and working on stucco ceilings are areas of application for our painters and plasterers at MVM.

+ Drywall: Your walls, ceilings or the redistribution of the interior should be done professionally? Our dry construction services include everything that is required for redesigning your house in the form of a new room division.

+ Facade construction: We renovate, clean and insulate your facade. As part of our renovation work, you can commission facade work in various areas. MVM is also an experienced partner when it comes to fire protection advice and implementation.

+ Seamless floors and surfaces: Seamless surfaces, for example made from Naturofloor, are a modern and timeless solution. We are happy to do the design in your home.

And finally ...

Renovations can take a long time and should be carefully considered. Above all, you need the important know-how to avoid botched construction and its consequences. After all, you want to feel comfortable in your own newly renovated four walls and not experience any unpleasant surprises. For this reason, professional renovation work is a good and always the right decision. Are you still undecided? Take a look at our references. There you will find some projects that we have implemented to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Do you have any renovations planned? Contact Us for a no-obligation discussion! We are your specialist for renovations of all kinds.

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