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Modern and easy to care for - seamless wall and floor coverings

In these rooms, seamless wall and floor coverings are particularly attractive

They are extremely easy to care for, extremely attractive and look extremely classy: seamless wall and floor coverings are currently absolutely in vogue. In addition, they are well on the way to becoming a design evergreen. Because seamless wall and floor coverings, such as Naturofloor and Terrazzo floor, can be cleaned in next to no time, fit harmoniously into the overall picture of any room and appear timelessly chic. Even after years the Naturofloor or the Terrazzo floor attract admiring glances.

That and more distinguishes Naturofloor

Naturofloor is a mineral product made from natural raw materials such as white cement and quartz sand. It is a proven quality product from Switzerland and has been traded as the original among mineral and seamless wall and floor coverings since 1990. It is primarily this impressive, unique structure that makes the natural floor so special. The specific shades, the extreme durability and the easy-care properties also increase the value of Naturofloor. Regardless of whether in living or office rooms, whether in wet areas or in other residential segments - the noble material is applied by hand in a precisely defined work process and creates a wonderfully beautiful, natural effect in every room. So the natural surface is a lot of joy even after years.

The special features of terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo floor is a rubber with a long tradition. The special form of wet screed was already popular in ancient times. However, over the centuries, terrazzo floors have been replaced by cheap industrial floors. True to the motto: "Good things remain", terrazzo floors are still winning the hearts of discerning property owners today. Natural stone fragments are mixed into the wet screed floor to achieve an even more attractive look. Whether dolomite, limestone or marble - their grain size is about 5 to 15 millimeters on average.

A question of good taste - seamless wall and floor coverings

After the screed surface has been sanded down, the stone implementations come into their own over the long term. On the one hand, terrazzo floors look wonderfully natural and very individual. On the other hand, the rock admixtures serve to strengthen the soil. Through the use of different types of stone and an optional coloring of the screed binder, a variety of looks can be created in the Terrazzo floor achieve. Stylish mosaic surfaces that are worked into the floor with great attention to detail have always been particularly popular.

Seamless wall and floor coverings - the advantages speak for themselves

It doesn't matter whether you choose Naturofloor or Terrazzo floor decide - the numerous advantages of seamless wall and floor coverings are truly remarkable. Compared to other types of flooring, seamless wall and floor coverings are very easy to clean. An aspect that is of crucial relevance in times of stress and hectic in everyday professional or private life. Limescale stains, as you often see them on classic tiles, are not found in coverings in this product category. This means you benefit from an additional level of comfort and quality of life.

Seamless wall and floor coverings are special eye-catchers in these rooms:

1. Nice to look at - seamless wall and floor coverings in the bathroom

Seamless wall and floor coverings are particularly suitable for installation in the bathroom or guest toilet. They "shine" with their easy-care character and are easy to clean. Naturofloor is a great eye-catcher in every bathroom and stylishly and naturally highlights the quality of the ambience. On the wall behind the toilet, the noble natural covering variant is excellent. In addition, it has always been trendy to line the entire shower with it. The noble overall impression will certainly convince you and your guests right away. Seamless wall and floor coverings are also ideal for use as the outer paneling of the bathtub. As a result, the bathtub shines with its simple, sublime elegance. Terrazzo floor provides a colorful and lively touch. Discover the creative possibilities with us now Terrazzo floor or Naturofloor coverings.

2. Stylish, functional coverings in the kitchen - without any annoying joints

No matter whether your heart is for Naturofloor or Terrazzo floor beats - with wall and floor coverings with a natural appearance, you can also give free rein to your creative design ideas in the kitchen or in the utility room. Both variants are chic and skillfully bring the value of the respective space into focus. While Naturofloor looks impressively chic and noble and therefore goes very well with kitchens with a color scheme, shows Terrace a completely different character. Naturofloor fits wonderfully behind selected kitchen elements. Terrace harmonizes perfectly with larger elements on the wall and provides neat splashes of color.

3. The living area - elegantly presented

Naturofloor ensures simple elegance in the living area. More colorful Terrazzo floor is also a guarantee for an excellent feeling of wellbeing. The elegant splashes of color integrate perfectly into the interior and thus create an inviting feel-good atmosphere.

Our expert tip for a particularly elegant design: decorate the floor and at least one wall in Naturofloor. Of course you can choose different colors with us. The combination of light floor and dark gray wall, for example, is wonderfully attractive. If you only provide one element of the floor with the terrazzo covering, you will achieve luxurious highlights in the room.


Seamless wall and floor coverings combine all the advantages that one could wish for. They are easy to care for, attractive in design and extremely modern. It pays to focus on quality if you want to get more out of your space. Because seamless wall and floor coverings are so easy to care for, you will save time and nerves in the future. Because the cleaning effort will be significantly reduced. At the same time, you benefit from seamless wall and floor coverings from an exquisite flair in your living space. Experience it for yourself and opt for seamless wall and floor coverings. It is worth it!

Seamless wall and floor coverings - get advice now

Our friendly team of experts is happy to be there for you at any time and is available to answer any questions you may have about the 1.001 creative options with Naturofloor and Terrazzo floor with advice and action to the side.

Get in touch with our specialist advisors now and arrange a free, non-binding consultation. What can we do for you?

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