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The most beautiful wallpaper trends for 2021

Painting, plastering or wallpapering? The advantages of interior design with wallpaper speak for themselves. The wallpapering work is not only particularly versatile, but with high-quality paper wallpapers you benefit from even more flexibility. No matter whether in living rooms, companies, institutions or public buildings - with a creative interior design you can achieve a lot in every room. We'll show you the latest wallpaper trends for 2021:

1. Sample wallpapers with colorless print

Pattern wallpapers with black and white print enhance the ambience in every room in a subtle way. On the one hand, there are the slightly relief-like designs that inspire the discerning observer. On the other hand, with the wallpaper trends for 2021 of this type, you avoid small rooms in particular appearing cluttered. Pattern wallpapers that are provided with a colorless print look stylish and restrained. Nevertheless, they shine at the same time due to the high level of creativity. These are wallpaper trends that can be seen!

2. Feel-good flair wallpapers

Opt for wallpaper variations with warm colors, soft shapes and calm designs if you want to offer yours a special sense of wellbeing. Well-being flair wall creations invite you to marvel and have a calming effect. In this respect, decorations in this product category are excellently suited to be used in the waiting rooms of medical practices, coaches, consulting agencies or in art or psychotherapeutic areas. In addition, the warm wallpapers also look good in all other rooms in which you want to convey a cozy feeling.

3. Dark wallpaper trends

If you choose dark patterned wallpapers with extravagant or large motifs, you can score points in many ways. Wallpaper ideas of this kind have an extremely high contrast to light-colored furniture and are almost predestined for spacious rooms such as lecture halls or reception halls. In combination with mirrors, stucco applications in the ceiling segment or light curtains, dark patterned wallpapers come into their own. Warning: small rooms can quickly appear even smaller due to the dark coloring on the walls. In the worst case, this color scheme looks cramped in small rooms. This wallpaper trend is therefore particularly suitable for particularly large rooms.

4. Jungle print wallpaper

The so-called jungle print paper wallpapers attract admiring glances everywhere, like a magnet. It does not matter whether they are installed in the living room, office, waiting room or bathroom. Whether equipped with extra large palm leaves, liana-like structures, creepers or waterfalls - there are hardly any limits to creativity. It is already clear that due to the growing popularity, jungle print creations will still be among the absolute wallpaper trends in the years to come. The wallpapers offer a welcome distraction from urban design and everyday life. This creates a fascination for tropical wallpapers.

5. Special eye-catchers: digital prints or round wallpapers

It is the individual wall designs that will ensure special eye-catchers for guests and visitors for a long time to come. Positioning large pictures on a wall in the room permanently removes the value of a room. With this product category, however, you should make sure that you only put one wall in the limelight. Otherwise the room will quickly appear overloaded. Round wallpapers are also making their comeback this year. Whether as a photo or sample wallpaper or as a color contrast to the rest of the wall: round wallpapers are a highlight in every room. With this wallpaper trend you can give every room a personal touch. However, you should not attach too many round wallpapers to emphasize the character of the specialty.

Bring home wallpaper trends for 2021

As beautiful as the current wallpaper trends for 2021 are, some people find it difficult to do the wallpapering work without errors. Sample wallpapers in particular are a challenge for laypeople. The attractiveness of high-quality wallpapers can be negatively affected by the smallest mistakes in the wallpapering work. This affects the decorative effect. It is therefore advisable to leave the wallpapering work to experienced professionals. Such an approach is certainly also in your interests. Because improperly attached wallpaper often leaves a cheap aftertaste. So choose wallpaper trends from professionals. We would also be happy to advise you on the decision-making process for wallpaper.

Trust the friendly team of experts at MVM and let us advise you on the latest wallpaper trends. We are looking forward to your contact.

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