The facade season begins!

When the temperatures rise and the sun shines, the façade season begins. But why is facade maintenance so important in summer? And what services does a craft business like MVM AG offer in this area? We have summarized the most important information for you.

Why is facade care important in summer?

In summer, the weather conditions are particularly favorable for facade care and renovation. In contrast to the colder seasons, tradesmen can do their jobs faster and more effectively. You should regularly take advantage of professional facade care to prevent damage caused by weather conditions such as rain, snow or solar radiation. Because timely care and renovation of the facade can help make your building more energy-efficient and thus save you energy costs. In addition, the start of the façade season also means that now is the perfect time to fix visual defects on your façade. These include, for example, discoloration, cracks or algae formation. Don't underestimate these aspects. Because an optical defect on the facade can indicate a deeper problem. Therefore, you should always hire a professional company for the repair here. You can identify and fix deep-seated problems early on.

What services does MVM AG offer in the field of facade care and renovation?

An experienced craft business like MVM AG offers all services in the field of facade care, renovation and design. This includes, among other things, cleaning, renovation, plastering and painting work as well as the individual design of facades according to the wishes and ideas of the customer. MVM AG relies on high-quality materials and the latest technologies to achieve the best possible result. You receive all services from us from a single source. We accompany you from the consultation to the finished result.

If you would like to use our services for the façade season, you can contact us at any time. An experienced team is at your disposal for individual advice and preparation of an offer. If necessary, an on-site inspection is also carried out in order to create an optimal offer.

Start the façade season off right with MVM AG

The facade season offers an ideal opportunity to renovate and maintain the facade of the house. We at MVM AG offer all services in facade maintenance, renovation and design. In this way, the building can not only become more energy-efficient, but also be visually upgraded. Take the opportunity and make your facade shine again. Get in contact with us now to make an appointment for a consultation!

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