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The advantages of wallpaper over painting

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to decorate a room and offers many advantages over painting. Easy to install, they offer a variety of designs, colors and textures that allow you to take any space in a whole new direction. In addition, wallpaper can also serve as protection and insulation. In this blog post, we will look at the benefits of wallpaper over paint and why wallpaper can be a great option for decorating a room.

Variety as one of the advantages of wallpaper

While paint can come in many colors, it doesn't offer the same variety as wallpaper. A wall decorated with wallpaper can be a real eye-catcher and define the room in a whole new way. Of course, many of these options are also possible with a mural as a painting. However, this requires much more time. In addition, a hand-painted mural is usually much more expensive than a corresponding wallpaper. You cannot achieve other design options, such as those made possible by textured wallpaper, with a simple coat of paint. Here the advantages of wallpaper over painting can be seen very clearly.

By the way, you can also combine several wallpapers with each other. In this way, different designs and colors can interact to design a room in an even more individual way.

protection and isolation

In addition to diversity, wallpaper also provides protection and insulation for the walls. This is because wallpaper can help extend the life of a wall by protecting it from wear and tear and damage. Especially in areas such as living rooms or children's rooms, where the walls are often touched, wallpaper can help protect the wall in question from scratches and bumps.

In addition, wallpaper can also serve as insulation for the room. By using special wallpaper with insulating abilities, a wall can be isolated from cold and noise, which can be an advantage, especially in older houses. Read more about this in our article "Energy-efficient wall coatings for your business premises".

Other advantages of wallpaper in terms of time and application

Another great advantage of wallpaper is that it is easy to install and saves time compared to painting. In many cases, wallpaper can be installed more quickly and easily than painting. Depending on the size of the room, wallpaper can be professionally installed in just a few hours, while painting can take several days. This is because a coat of paint has to dry and may require several coats.

But there are other benefits of wallpaper related to installation. Because wallpaper is easier to change than a coat of paint. This makes it easy to change wallpaper if you want to change the design of your room. This is especially useful if you frequently want to change the look of your rooms. In contrast, painting can have too many layers on top of each other if you want to switch designs too often. So if you are a fan of regular changes and like to change the look of your rooms frequently, using wallpaper is a perfect choice for you.

Use the advantages of wallpaper compared to painting now!

The advantages of wallpaper over painting are clear. In summary, they are more versatile, offer protection and insulation, easier installation, time savings and better changeability. All of these benefits make wallpaper a fantastic option for decorating your spaces. If you decide to use wallpaper, the MVM AG team will be happy to assist you. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right wallpaper for your room and install it professionally. With our wallpapers you can easily and quickly decorate your space and give your home a new look. Contact us now and let us advise you!

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