Blasting technology in combination with the substrate and the coating. SPZ - clean, precise, reliable!


Experience and expertise: blasting technology in combination with the substrate and the coating. SPZ – clean, precise, reliable! In addition to a perfect end result, we place particular focus on clean blasting technology, holistic approach, cleanliness, precision, mobility and innovation.

Blasting technology

When blasting, there are many factors in combination that influence the blasting result. We have the necessary experience and expertise to achieve the desired blasting result.


SPZ always understands blasting in interaction with the substrate and the subsequent coating. For plasterers and painters, we are an experienced partner at eye level.


SPZ uses the latest blasting technology and can therefore blast with very little dust. We use only environmentally friendly blasting media.


SPZ blasts with precision. This requires the necessary technical equipment as well as the dutiful precision work of the experienced user.


SPZ works for customers throughout Switzerland. Due to our central location, we are quickly on the spot. Mobile blasting is particularly suitable in combination with painting work.


SPZ places great emphasis on innovation. We use the latest equipment technology and develop ourselves further every day - driven by the needs of our customers.


Our services in the field of blasting technology, substrate and coating. Whether blasting advice, graffiti removal, dry ice blasting, wet blasting or paint stripping.


Our advice is as individual as your requirements. Together with you, we analyse the different solution variants


With wood sandblasting, the surface is gently cleaned, a roughness like brushed is achieved and the beams are visually enhanced.


During concrete renovation, surfaces are removed - in the case of exposed concrete, an aesthetic result is achieved through surface treatment.


For metallic surfaces in particular, there are few technical processes that can be applied in as many different ways as blasting technology.

Industrial plants

Radiation processing of industrial plants has far-reaching significance for the fatigue strength of dynamically loaded components.


Graffiti can be removed with modern sandblasting methods in an environmentally friendly way and without chemicals.

Dry ice blasting

The low-dust technology of dry ice blasting is a significant advantage. Since the abrasiveness is relatively low, this process is more suitable for cleaning in the industrial sector.


The use of the smallest blasting media makes minimal surface abrasion possible. This is why wet blasting is often used in dust-sensitive environments and guarantees the best results.

Paint stripping

The blasting technique is ideal for removing paint. The surface is removed by rational blasting. After paint stripping, the slightly roughened substrate is ideally prepared for recoating.

Our company. our values. our conviction.


Many years of experience,
best training

Economic efficiency

Transparent prices,
low risk thanks to test beams


3-component model: substrate,
blasting, coating


Mobility, central location,
flexible team


Reliability, accuracy,
most modern equipment


Covering, low-dust blasting

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