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MVM is a specialist painting company that carries out painting work professionally, reliably & accurately. Our team is there to help you in word and deed.

MVM - the professionals for painting

That is why it is worth hiring a specialist painting company that not only carries out the aforementioned tasks professionally, reliably and on schedule, but can also advise its customers in detail beforehand and implement their wishes and ideas. Our team for painting work is at your side with advice and support in all matters.

An important part of our work is to first look at your needs and give you valuable tips and advice on the design of your flat or house based on our long experience. We underpin the whole thing with examples and samples so that you can get an idea in advance and know what materials and colour design options are available.

Painting not only has a protective and decorative function. It can also be used to achieve very specific spatial effects if it is executed with perfect craftsmanship. Painting can, for example, illuminate living spaces differently in combination with different light sources. In this way, cosy corners can be created for relaxation or bright islands of light for productive work. With multi-coloured paints - matching the rest of the ambience - you convey your own personal message that contributes to well-being and really makes one feel at home.

MVM AG - we ensure perfect painting work within your four walls

To ensure that our painting in your home can fully meet your expectations, it is best to arrange a free on-site visit with us. Then we can take our time to get an idea of the lighting conditions, your furniture and home accessories as well as the surface sizes of the ceilings and walls.

New building Beckenhof, Sursee

Plastered exterior thermal insulation, clinker bricks

Architecture: Galliker und Riva Architekten AG

Adligenswilerstrasse 16, Luzern

Painting and plastering, plastered exterior thermal insulation

Architecture & construction management: Galliker und Riva Architekten AG, Lucerne

THE HOTEL, Luzern (Restaurant Bambou)

Decorative painting

Architecture: Jean Nouvel, Paris

Construction management: Stadelmann Baumanagement AG, Lucerne

Rathausen Monastery, Emmen (listed building)

Exterior painting, coating on copper shingles, stair railings.

Architecture: Bosshard & Luchsinger, Lucerne

Construction management: TGS Bauökonomen AG, Lucerne


Reference: Radisson Blu Hotel, Lucerne

Reference: Adligenswilerstrasse 16, Lucerne

Reference: THE HOTEL, Lucerne (Restaurant Bambou)

Reference: Rathausen Monastery, Emmen (listed building)

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