Paint repair: this is how you effectively remove paint damage

Paint repair: this is how you effectively remove paint damage

If the paintwork on a piece of furniture suffers, this can become a nuisance for the owner. But be careful, in very few cases it is necessary to replace the damaged item. Kitchen furniture, antique furniture or cherished pieces of furniture with a piano lacquer surface can be restored to new condition with a professional lacquer repair. This method is suitable for private customers as well as for moving companies and for distributors of lacquered furniture. Paint damage can be easily and stylishly removed by spray painting.

Who needs paint repairs?

The moving company carries the piano through the stairwell and tucks the railing. Or the kitchen fitter has to adjust a cabinet door and what remains is visible paint damage. The fact is that the range of professional paint repairs in the form of spray painting work is aimed at owners, sellers and manufacturers, service providers and construction workers in the field of lacquered furniture and the like. Painted surfaces and thus the risk of paint damage are an issue in metal construction, bathroom and kitchen production as well as in assembly areas, in carpentry and wood construction, in furniture production and in interior design. Paint repairs can also be an issue for doors and windows, in device and plant construction, in art locksmiths and in the moving industry.

Professional paint repair: polish, clean, repair!

The MVM team is your reliable and experienced contact when it comes to repairing paint damage. Only a professional painter and varnisher has the necessary tools and the know-how to carry out the paint repair invisibly and to restore the original condition of the piece of furniture and all other painted surfaces. Personal contribution usually does not pay off in the case of paint damage. No touch-up pen and no DIY instructions can replace the professionalism with which a painter goes to work and devotes himself to paint repairs. First, the surface must be professionally prepared and removed from bumps and other residues. A complete cleaning of the surface is then necessary, as the new paint only adheres where the surface is clean. Now the device is used for spray painting work and ensures that the defect is repaired. Finally, the surface is sealed, cleaned again and then polished.

A question of quality: different types of paintwork

The paint repair and thus the elimination of paint damage is possible in different versions. This can be a standard silk-gloss or high-gloss finish, a clear varnish or an effect varnish. When it comes to paint design, there are no limits to the professional when it comes to spray painting. Whether antique furniture or expensive musical instruments, cupboards or anti-oxidation coatings: specialists with many years of experience and the right equipment paint in all colors and guarantee that there is no visible reference to the surface repair. Do not worry about paint damage, but simply opt with MVM for a specialist who will carry out your paint repairs with know-how and precision.

Are you considering whether a professional paint repair for your furniture is an option and solves the problem? Then take advantage of the free, no-obligation consultation at MVM and find a design in our sample collection that matches your piece of furniture. In the case of very sensitive paintwork damage, we are happy to offer you a consultation including a visit on site. Contact us now for your personal and non-binding consultation!

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