3 office trends that you should know - for more well-being in the workplace

Simple, boring and uninviting - when the office loses its shine, work is no fun either. Employees feel uninspired and the general mood in the workplace is demotivating. Who likes to come into an environment in which it seems dreary and dreary? Even if the office does not have to be furnished like a cozy home, a pleasant ambience is recommended. The environment has a relevant influence on the mental and spiritual condition, concentration and motivation. The same applies to cognitive performance. To ensure that your workplace is visited again and that employees are satisfied, we present 3 office trends with which you can get your working day going.

Why should I adapt my office to modern office trends?

Many employers think of the cost involved when it comes to office trends. However, when considering appropriate considerations, the focus should always be on the benefit. When it comes to feeling good at work, it is particularly about employee satisfaction. The happier the employees are, the better they can work. More potential can also be developed. Employees who enjoy coming to work work more effectively for the company. You are more focused and more efficient. Furthermore, the mental health of employees can be significantly promoted. Feeling good at work is one of the most important premises of today. Investing in various design ideas for the office is worthwhile.

Our 3 design ideas for the office - for a better feeling of wellbeing in the workplace

1. Minimalist office - office trends for more focus

Minimalism is on the rise. More and more people are giving up excessive consumption. Minimalism can also be implemented very well and practically in the office. The focus is on a clean and tidy facility. Since the focus should be on the essentials, it is important to avoid distractions or at least to reduce them drastically. The facility itself should also be minimalist and limited to the essentials. The more order there is in the office, the more order there is in the head. In order to create storage space, functional storage compartments at the desk and various cabinet systems are recommended. The color of the office should be white or soft natural tones. Individual color accents in light basic colors are recommended as little eye-catchers. Textiles or seating furniture can also set color accents. A typical characteristic of the minimalist style is the investment in high quality products that last a long time. On the other hand, decoration should be avoided if it does not serve a specific purpose.

2. Biophilic office - inspired by nature

These are design ideas for the office that pay special attention to plants. Office plants have been shown to increase employee productivity. With these office trends, nature is the starting point for the entire design. Natural materials such as wood are also used. The color design is also based on the various natural tones. This is how well-being works at work.

3. Feeling good at work - with productivity and relaxation to the goal

It is also advisable to take a look at the individual office trends in open-plan offices. This is especially true because it is particularly noisy here and there are often no opportunities to retreat. However, this can be avoided by separating rooms. For example, drywall can be retrofitted without compromise. Individual offices and meeting rooms are possible. For productive work, we also recommend matching the colors of the rooms. The colors blue and red ensure more productivity. For the necessary breaks that employees need, idyllic relaxation oases are recommended. Here performance can be increased sustainably. Comfortable office furniture and calm colors are recommended. These calming colors include, for example, green, pink, pastel tones or a warm yellow.

Implement office trends with the help of MVM

Do you also want to implement new design ideas in the office? We would be pleased to advise you individually. If you are looking for experienced painters or plasterers for your project, MVM is also your contact. We advise you on suitable room colors, the individual wall design and in relation to decorative surfaces.

For more well-being of your employees - office trends and design ideas for the office

Feeling good at work can be so easy. Set exclusive office trends and increase the well-being of your employees. In the long run, your employees will be happier, which inevitably affects their physical and mental health. More productive work, improved concentration and other benefits are possible. They have a direct impact on the company. Let us advise you individually on office trends and design ideas for the office. Take it today Contact contact us and arrange a non-binding appointment.

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