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Get creative in facade design with MVM

A question of design: creative facade optics

The facade design has a lasting effect on the characteristic appearance of your home. The facade leaves the first impression and is largely responsible for how an object looks when presented outside. There are no limits to your creativity in facade construction and in your own design. Diverse combination options for facade design You can not or only badly commit to one style in the facade design? You don't have to, because one of a variety of styles

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Graffiti protection Remove quickly & protect over the long term

Graffiti protection: Remove quickly & protect over the long term

Graffiti is a nuisance, especially in urban areas, but also on private facades. If your property is in a well-frequented area, it is particularly interesting for graffiti artists. The orientation is shown by the fact that, for example, motorway bridges and train station buildings are very often affected. Therefore, a graffiti protection is recommended. Safely remove graffiti from walls - we are your contact The fact is: the more porous the materials of your facade, the more difficult it is

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Hydrophobization - effective building protection against moisture

Hydrophobization is a form of impregnation that is used in building protection against rising damp in masonry. The term itself comes from ancient Greek and literally means something like “water-avoiding”. Techniques have changed over the years. Today they ensure that you ensure that old facades are preserved in the long term, for example with a deep water repellent and reduce the water absorption of the building materials

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Paint repair: this is how you effectively remove paint damage

Paint repair: this is how you effectively remove paint damage If the paintwork on a piece of furniture suffers, this can become a nuisance for the owner. But be careful, in very few cases it is necessary to replace the damaged item. Kitchen furniture, antique furniture or cherished pieces of furniture with a piano lacquer surface can be restored to new condition with a professional lacquer repair. This method is suitable for private customers as well as for moving companies and for distributors of lacquered furniture. Paint damage can be seen through

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Fire protection in facade construction - that's what counts!

Fire protection requirements play an essential role in facade construction. The building physics goals should already be clearly defined in the planning of the facade design and integrated in accordance with the legal requirements. The fire protection requirements in facade construction As a client, you face a number of challenges in the area of ​​facade design. In terms of building physics and fire protection, there are strict requirements that are stipulated by law with regard to the materials and their properties. The fire-protected facade construction must guarantee the safety and the emergence of

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Fair-faced concrete: Concrete cosmetics for the treatment of problem areas

High-quality exposed concrete is an essential part of the world of modern architecture. In the course of time, different, excellent possibilities have been established to individually design indoor and outdoor areas in large and industrial buildings. Thanks to the numerous techniques of concrete cosmetics, we support master builders and element builders in creating unique results that can literally be seen. Regardless of whether the aim is to remove damage caused by the effects of the weather or whether

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Facade insulation

Facade insulation is worthwhile for homeowners

With facade insulation you can save a lot of energy - and thus also heating costs. Without proper insulation, around 30 percent of your heating energy is wasted outside. Studies show that facade insulation alone saves up to 20 percent on heating costs. The older the facade and the higher the heating costs, the faster the investment pays for itself. Our specialists are best able to determine individually which insulation has what effect. Facade insulation saves energy and heating costs and heating

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Feeling good at the workplace - design options for offices

We spend a large part of our time at our workplace. People work more productively in an engaging and friendly environment. They feel more comfortable and their mood is much brighter. Details such as light, furnishings and indoor plants contribute to whether we feel comfortable in our office and perform well. The colors that we perceive around us have an even greater influence. Bring color into your everyday office life or

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Wallpaper trends 2020

Wallpapers have long been an indispensable part of individual room design. They act as independent design elements and offer numerous possibilities for creative detailed solutions. With a wallpaper you create visual changes and set decorative accents. Time for a change of scenery in your home, because we will show you the trends for 2020 and inspire you to come up with something new. Jungle feeling and a touch of the exotic Are you ready for an adventure? A successful mix of wild animals and tropical plants

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Seamless wall and flooring

Seamless wall and floor coverings - characteristic and modern

Seamless wall and floor coverings are known from industrial halls and warehouses. The neutral look and the possibility of easy cleaning were considered ideal equipment for floors and walls. The seamless look is now considered modern and contemporary. More and more homeowners are choosing to install seamless wall and floor coverings. Kitchen, bathroom, guest toilet and other damp rooms benefit from the material, which is modern and easy to care for. Particularly beautiful surfaces have also been found in the living room

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Bathroom upgrade? 4 tips from the room expert

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? Let yourself be inspired with these 4 tips from the room experts for drywall construction - the right solution for your bathroom! Realizing creative ideas very easily with drywall construction With drywall construction, new divisions in the bathroom are very easy. Create shelves in previously unused niches. Install towel racks or create a spatial separation between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom with drywall sheets. Why drywall and suitable

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One less TO DO: Facade check subscription for homeowners

Real estate is very popular in times of low interest rates. They are a good investment, especially for companies and private individuals, and are therefore in great demand. However, homeowners lack the necessary specialist knowledge and often lack the time to maintain the facades. In order to maintain the value of your property, it makes sense to call in a specialist. More and more homeowners trust our facade check subscriptions. Trust yourself too

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MVM AG Zug is expanding its field of activity!

The MVM AG Zug branch is expanding its range of activities with painting and seamless surfaces. Our claim, «the broad range of services offered by the entire MVM Group; Internal and external plastering work, mobile blasting technology SPZ AG and now also painting / jointless - successfully expanding surfaces in Zug and Zurich ». The new proximity to our customers in Zug enables faster reactions and thus high-quality customer service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much

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Fresh from the apprenticeship - our newest MVM painters and plasterers

May we introduce you to our new apprenticeship graduates? From now on Valbon Nuhiji and Samir Galatean call themselves plasterer practitioners EBA. Stanly Gaston and Kim Vornarburg have successfully learned the profession of EFZ painter. Argent Rexhaj also completed his apprenticeship as a painter practitioner EBA with flying colors. You too can opt for an apprenticeship at MVM AG in Emmen! Enjoyment of form: the plasterer apprenticeship training “Shape your future with craftsmanship” - true to this motto, we design

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Home office: The ideal room design for working from home

Much has been written and talked about the ideal work-life balance, work-life balance and people who spend too little time at home. And a lot has happened: home office is almost normal. Due to the current situation in 2020, many employers are - also necessarily - more open to the home office than before. But not everyone can be focused and at home

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Decorative wall surfaces

Decorative wall surfaces - 3 ideas for seamless designs

Have you had enough of white plastered walls and standard tiles? Then decorative wall surfaces in seamless design are an ideal solution for your home. We will introduce you to three interesting surface design variants. Let yourself be inspired! Idea 1: Seamless and decorative wall surfaces with cement Attractive decorative wall surfaces can be created from the modern building material cement. The choice of different filler structures and colors creates individually designed surfaces. In the case of floors, there is a place

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The spatial sound 1 × 1 - this is how your acoustic ceiling is perfect

The atmosphere of a room lives from the sound. How does the sound move through the room? Do noises sound muffled or is there a slight echo? Does it sound rather soft in the room, or do the individual tones have a “hard edge”? Acoustics actually play a role in every room - in the living environment as well as in rooms used for business purposes, in schools and kindergartens. But a good acoustic system is particularly important where people come together

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Concrete renovation - what can you do against damage & dirt?

Concrete is considered an indestructible and robust material. Nevertheless, it can get dirty after a relatively short time. If the first damage appears, it can indicate defects in the concrete structure. Cracks and chipped areas often indicate that major damage is hidden behind them, which can only be repaired by concrete renovation. There are a number of reasons for such deficiencies: They range from improper work in planning to mistakes in planning

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Plastering work: which technology on which ground?

The plaster on the wall is there for a good reason: it protects the building, regulates the indoor climate and insulates the facade. But the various plastering work does not necessarily disappear under tiles or paintwork: beautifully crafted surfaces are definitely used for wall design. But not every plaster can be permanently applied to every surface - and of course the different types of plaster also require different processing techniques. We at MVM AG bring light today

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Courage to use dark wall colors - why it's worth it!

Dark colors have so far been a rarity in apartments. Many homeowners and tenants tend to use more cautious color schemes and still opt for the white paint on ceilings and walls. Dark colors get a lot more out of a room with the skilful use of light-shadow effects. They create uniqueness and give the home an individual note. Which dark shades are trendy, which colors are really convincing and how to use them

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The comeback of terrazzo - the jointless cult floor is back!

Terrazzo floors went a little out of fashion, but have been enjoying increasing popularity again in recent years and are being used more and more in houses. The nice thing is that they have a lot to offer visually, and each terrazzo floor is always reminiscent of a small work of art. In the following lines we will introduce you to the special features of this beautiful floor covering and show you the advantages and disadvantages. What exactly is a terrazzo floor? A terrazzo floor

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5 signs your facade should be renovated!

Those who know a little about facade construction and take care of the renovation of their facade at an early stage can prevent long-term consequential damage and increase the value of their property. The facade renovation is an important measure to maintain the value of your property. As a rule, the older the building, the greater the need for renovation. But how do you know that a facade renovation is necessary? Look out for these five signs so you don't miss the right moment. need

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Why more and more builders are relying on drywall

Recognize the advantages of dry construction compared to classic solid construction or system walls. Find out how you can benefit from professional plastering. Drywall - when does the construction method make sense? Drywall has three advantages: simple, clean and inexpensive. The construction technology assigned to the plastering work can be implemented in the interior without great effort. The time factor is therefore lower. You can also plan the work when the house or apartment is occupied

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Wallpaper vs. wall paint - who will win the race?

You want to feel comfortable in your own four walls. In addition to the individually selected furniture and flooring, the design of the walls also determines the atmosphere in living rooms. But an important question that arises here: is a fresh coat of paint better than a new wallpaper? Or isn't wallpaper the better solution in the long term? Whether you ultimately decide on wallpaper or wall paint depends on your needs

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MVM Unplugged

Every year again! And this year Sascha Ziswiler (Managing Director MVM) and Manuel Naranjo (singer of “Blue Haze”) led through an evening full of food, drink and singing. Our approximately 200 partners, employees and customers who were present were able to take a culinary detour to the green island on September 5th and let themselves be pampered with the finest Irish whiskeys and Angus beef from the grill. For those who go one step further

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SC Kriens and MVM - An Interview

SC Kriens is going into its third season with its main sponsor «MVM». Sascha Ziswiler has been heading the company from Emmen for five years. In the interview he talks about his view of the club and the initial skepticism of his employees. Why did MVM become the main sponsor of the SCK three years ago? I found the project brave. The new stadium and the idea of ​​joining the Challenge League as amateurs «THIS SIMPLE, UNCOMPLICATED, THAT IMPRESSIVE

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Lucerne Art Museum - new paint for the JMW Turner exhibition

Gymnast. The sea and the Alps, exhibition view at the Kunstmuseum Luzern, photos: Marc Latzel In an art exhibition, the surroundings of the paintings play an important role. The architecture, the atmosphere, feel, brightness or even color. The correct use of color in the rooms directly behind the pictures should help to reinforce the color accents or to significantly influence the viewer's focus. In close cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Luzern, we have specially designed for this

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Start of teaching in 2019

Also this year we warmly welcome 5 new young talents to MVM AG. We look forward to the exciting and enriching cooperation and wish everyone a perfect start into their apprenticeship! From left to right: Andrea Martinelli (plasterer intern), Tanja Künzli (painter EFZ), Alvaro Mendes Teixeira (plasterer EFZ), Matteo Marcellino (painter EFZ), Esveda Sakiri (KV E-Profil)

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Our specialists for concrete cosmetics

From left to right: Dominik, Nicole, Dino and Manuel - our experts when it comes to correcting construction defects in the area of ​​exposed concrete perfectly and protecting them permanently in accordance with the requirements. Due to its versatility in processing, optics and haptics, exposed concrete is a very important and widespread building material today. Due to the nature of the material, however, unaesthetic areas often remain, even under the best of conditions, which have to be processed afterwards. Discoloration, broken corners or

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Strong team for decorative surface treatment

Thanks to our know-how in decorative techniques, you can design your surfaces completely individually and create unique spatial experiences. The right raw material for every requirement Selected materials have always been carefully tailored to our own needs. Today's factors for the right choice of raw material are for example: living atmosphere, high functionality, high load capacity, warmth, security, shielding against external influences as well as ecological aspects. Our team processes for you according to your wishes and

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