New spatial structure thanks to dry construction

With the help of dry construction measures, the structures of rooms can be flexibly changed. For example, sub-areas can be separated from each other by installing drywall. In this article you will find out how the new room structure can be designed thanks to drywall and what options you have to individually remodel your apartment or house with the help of drywall.

What exactly is drywall?

Dry construction differs significantly from the so-called solid construction. It is easy to implement, inexpensive and simple in design. This type of construction is also much less time-consuming than is the case with solid construction. Even if you move into your house ready to build, you still have the option of putting in one or more drywalls afterwards. In this way, you can personalize your home even further. The gypsum boards are a sensible alternative to brick walls, especially if you do not attach importance to noise protection of the walls and do not want to attach anything heavy to them. Since drywall works are part of the plastering work, they do not have to be carried out by a trained bricklayer. The substructure of the walls is made of wood or metal profiles and the cladding is done with plasterboard. In this way, thanks to drywall construction, a new spatial structure can be implemented very simply and easily by a specialist company such as MVM AG.

New spatial structure thanks to dry construction

Drywall has numerous advantages over solid construction. Nevertheless, their use is not always preferable to the classic design. If you need load-bearing walls, the use of drywall makes less sense. Hanging smaller items or pictures on drywall is usually not a problem, but solid walls are certainly recommended for heavy loads. The sound and fire protection of drywall is also significantly lower compared to solid construction. Therefore, you should refrain from using drywall when it comes to walls designed to protect against noise.

That being said, drywall is an easy and cheap way to divide up space however you like. In this way, spatial structures can be improved. For example, if you want to optically separate a toilet in the bathroom, or create a spatial separation between the living and dining area in a large living room, drywall is an ideal alternative to solid construction.

In order to get a new room structure thanks to dry construction, you should contact a qualified specialist company you trust. MVM will be happy to support you in the implementation of your conversion measures. At the same time, we will show you how you can quickly and efficiently implement your new room structure in your home thanks to drywall construction.


The new spatial structure made possible by drywall has many advantages over the solid construction used to construct most houses. As a painting and plastering company, we at MVM AG have many years of experience in this industry. We would be happy to advise you and show you how you can create a new room structure easily and inexpensively thanks to drywall construction.

If you now want to find out how a new spatial structure is also possible for you thanks to dry construction, Please feel free to contact us and secure your individual appointment for a free consultation with one of our competent employees. We look forward to you!

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