MVM AG: Your first choice for high-quality equipment rental and first-class service

The fulfillment of projects and plans - be it in construction or industry - depends crucially on suitable equipment access, which often makes the decisive difference. But the question often arises: buy or rent? With MVM AG, you no longer have to rack your brains over this question. MVM AG has a diverse selection of equipment for a wide variety of requirements. MVM AG stands for quality, reliability and a service that leaves nothing to be desired. In this article, we delve into the world of equipment rental at MVM AG and show why they are the first choice for companies looking for flexible solutions. Welcome to MVM AG - your partner for high-quality equipment rental and first-class service.

Discover the versatile rental equipment range from MVM AG

At MVM AG we offer an extensive range of high-quality rental equipment designed to improve air quality and ensure pleasant conditions in various environments. Our range includes:

air cleaner

Our air purifiers use advanced filtration systems to remove pollutants, dust, pollen and other contaminants from the air, creating healthier indoor air quality.


The ionizer creates negatively charged ions that attach to particles in the air, making them heavier so they sink to the ground and can be removed from the air. This helps improve air quality and reduce allergens.

High performance fan HP and high performance fan S

Our high performance fans provide powerful air circulation and cooling for large spaces or events, both indoors and outdoors. The high performance fan HP is particularly suitable for use in large halls or storage areas, while the high performance fan S is more compact and ideal for smaller spaces or events.

Air transport hose to high-performance fan

The air transport hose allows the air to be directed precisely where it is needed and is an ideal addition to our high-performance fans to improve air circulation in large rooms or at events.


Our dehumidifiers reduce indoor humidity, helping to prevent the formation of mold and moisture damage and creating a comfortable indoor climate.

Electric fan heater

Our electric fan heaters provide fast and efficient heat in cool or humid environments and are ideal for use in workshops, construction sites or temporary accommodation.

Our rental equipment range is regularly maintained and kept up to date to ensure that we can always offer our customers reliable and effective solutions for their air quality and comfort needs. At MVM AG you will find the perfect selection of rental equipment for every application.

Why MVM equipment rental is the optimal choice

Choosing MVM AG rental solutions offers a cost-effective, flexible and reliable way to meet equipment needs. By renting equipment from MVM AG, companies save significant costs by not having to purchase expensive equipment. Instead, they have flexible access to a wide range of equipment and can quickly adapt to changing requirements. At MVM AG, we ensure that our rental equipment is of the highest quality and regularly serviced. This allows companies to approach their projects with confidence and minimize the risk of downtime. Our experienced team offers comprehensive advice and support in selecting the right equipment for specific requirements. Overall, MVM AG's rental solutions offer an efficient and reliable way to successfully complete projects.

MVM AG: Your reliable partner for flexible rental solutions

Equipment rental from MVM AG offers a variety of benefits, including cost efficiency, flexibility and access to high-quality equipment. The extensive range of rental equipment, a simple rental process and first-class customer service make MVM AG the ideal partner for your projects. We invite you to benefit from the advantages of our rental solutions and tackle your next challenge with us. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and to reserve your equipment. At MVM AG we are ready to help you successfully implement your projects.

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