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Hydrophobization - effective building protection against moisture

Hydrophobic treatment is a form of impregnation used to protect buildings against rising damp in the masonry. The term itself comes from ancient Greek and, in literal translation, means something like “water-avoiding”. Techniques have changed over the years. Today they ensure that you can, for example, ensure the long-term preservation of old facades with deep hydrophobic treatment and reduce the water absorption of the building materials.

Which materials have to be specially protected by hydrophobization?

When you think of moisture damage to a building, wood and natural stone come to mind primarily. But even concrete, exposed concrete and all mineral substrates are exposed to moisture damage without effective protection. In principle, you should know that open-pored surfaces such as natural stone and mineral rock are particularly susceptible to dirt, but also to moisture and organic pollution. Accordingly, hydrophobization plays an essential role in these materials and proves to be a lasting protection against various external influences. In the field of building protection and concrete cosmetics, this form of impregnation has been very important for many years.

In addition to protecting against moisture, it also serves to prevent carbonation. Carbonation is a chemical reaction that neutralizes the alkalinity of the concrete. The alkalinity normally protects the concrete from organic attack and from rusting the material. With a water repellent treatment, we protect the alkalinity of the concrete over the long term.

With classic wooden facades, the water repellent is used as an impregnation against the weather, against frost damage and against the risk of swelling. If you impregnate exterior walls and facades with hydrophobic properties, you prevent frost damage in the masonry, deposits of salt and fungi and algae. On top of that, you save energy and benefit from the fact that the soiling or discoloration of the facade is reduced many times over. The preservation of the building materials increases the value or the maintenance of the value of the property. They exclude moisture, but also other external influences with a damaging effect on the masonry, on the wooden or concrete facade effectively and sustainably.

How does the waterproofing work?

When you think about water repellency, various questions about the effect and the basics of effectiveness come to mind. The impregnation, which has long become important in building protection, is based on a water-repellent coating of the inner pores and the capillary surfaces of the facade. This does not mean that the water repellency affects the breathability of the walls. Because the pores and capillaries are not closed, but retain their diffusibility. This fact is important in avoiding the formation of mold that non-breathable walls tend to develop. The sole purpose of the water repellency is the impregnation against the penetration of water, as well as the effective surface protection against avoidable pollution by environmental residues, algae and moss or lichens and fungal spores.

Effective active ingredient: silanes or siloxanes with fluorocarbon compounds

There are different methods of hydrophobing facades, which are characterized by their special technology and the effect based on it. The simplest method of safe and moisture-protecting impregnation is the spray method. Here, the specialist uses a pump spray container and sprays the entire surface until a uniform, matt-damp, shiny surface is created. The experts use silanes or siloxanes in conjunction with fluorocarbons as effective binders. These are currently the best water repellent agents on the market. Depending on the building construction, the silanes with fluorocarbon compounds have a shelf life of five to ten years.

Our experts ensure that the water repellent treatment and any other work in the field of concrete cosmetics is carried out in such a way that there are no optical or technical changes to the facade. Our goal is to increase the durability and resistance of concrete & Co. without affecting the desired properties. In this regard, we rely on high-quality active ingredients with which the breathability of the building material is maintained after impregnation or hydrophobization.

Further concrete cosmetics & repair work by MVM AG

The methods in concrete cosmetics have few limits. Our experienced specialists restore and clean or retouch your facade meticulously and with the desired reliability of results. You will also receive professional and competent support from our MVM experts when it comes to reprofiling and waterproofing. Concrete and natural stone facades, but also wooden surfaces outdoors, should be protected from penetrating moisture and accordingly hydrophobized. In the area of ​​special coatings, MVM AG offers an enormous variety of different processes. Depending on the substrate and customer requirements, these coatings can be implemented in the form of glazes and paints, as well as with simultaneous color design.

The remediation of construction and planning errors, for example incorrectly installed light switches or corroded reinforcement, also fall within the scope of the task of concrete cosmetics in building protection. Has a facade been poorly backfilled and is now facing a challenge in terms of insulation, heat retention capabilities and moisture protection? Then we will find a method with which you can achieve the desired effect and get rid of the risk of construction and planning errors. It is best not to wait, but to make an immediate decision if you are faced with a concrete cosmetic problem or other building protection challenges.

On-site analysis as the basis of our operations

Customer satisfaction is based on best practices. We come to you on site and carry out a concrete analysis of the current situation as well as the important implementation steps in building protection. We discuss the analysis with the builder, architect or with the private customer who contacts us as the client, as required. At the same time, the on-site inventory is used to create a precise cost estimate and, if necessary, to show you how we can solve your problem using sample areas. Do not leave the condition of your building or the attractiveness of the facade to chance. For most problems there is a solution that we create on your behalf with competence and the desired result. The water repellency is one of our qualifications. But in addition to waterproofing against moisture, we offer a whole range of other services with which you can beautify your property, make it more energy-efficient or free it from graffiti.

Are you faced with the question of whether a water repellent is suitable for you? Or would you like general advice on building protection and are you looking for a contact who works with know-how from many years of experience? Contact us!

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