5 different types of wallpaper for individual living

Thanks to the large selection of wallpapers, there are many design options for your own four walls. New, unusual types of wallpaper appear all the time, one or the other of which is becoming a trend. In this article, we're going to show you five different types of wallpaper that you are guaranteed not to see every day.

Exceptional types of wallpaper

Paper wallpapers are probably best known to most. In addition to these, there are many other varieties that are less known, but still create a unique ambience in your own four walls. We have selected five different types of wallpaper for you:

Paper wallpaper

As a typical wall paper, the paper wallpaper can be found almost everywhere in all kinds of colors and shapes. They are available printed, embossed, wrinkled or smooth. You can recognize a quality paper wallpaper by its weight: the heavier it is Rugs is, the higher the quality, because it is composed of more layers. This makes them stronger and easier to work with.

The paper wallpaper, however, is a type of wallpaper that is rather cumbersome to process. Before peeling it off, it must first be perforated and soaked.

Non-woven wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers are made of cellulose and textile fibers. The processing of this type of wallpaper is very easy. You don't have to adhere to soaking times here, wet areas are not a problem, and neither is removal. Non-woven wallpapers can be peeled off in one go and some leave a layer of waste on which a new one can be found Rugs can be attached more easily.

The material of the non-woven wallpaper is vapor and air permeable and in some designs even difficult to ignite. Types of wallpaper with such properties create excellent living climatic conditions.

Textile wallpaper

The textile wallpaper is the oldest of the types of wallpaper. They are rarely found, as the effects of the textile wallpaper can be implemented more cost-effectively in other ways. It is made up of a composite and a carrier, for example fabric glued to fleece or paper. Different textile wallpapers differ mainly in the carrier material. Suitable materials for this are threads made of sisal, hemp, felt, wool or synthetic materials.

Plastic wallpaper

Coated with a water-repellent film, plastic wallpapers are ideal for rooms that are often used, such as kitchens and bathrooms or in the entrance area. Some wallpapers of this type are also printed with a varnish and are therefore insensitive to moisture and dirt.

Due to the composition of foil and lacquer, they have a high vapor tightness. This has negative effects on the indoor climate and makes them unsuitable as wall wallpaper for the bedroom or other living spaces.

Wall murals

A photo wallpaper is nothing more than a wall-filling motif with photographic or painterly representations. With this wallpaper you can give your room an individual background. Digital printing brought new freedom to photo wallpaper, which is why individual one-off productions are uncomplicated today.

Advantages of wallpaper over plaster and wall painting

Thanks to the many types of wallpaper, there are numerous designs to choose from every wall can be designed individually. Some of them are rarely found and therefore real eye-catchers. In addition, wallpapers are often cheaper than mineral paints and plaster and small bumps or holes can be removed with a Rugs easily hide.

Different types of wallpaper from a specialist

Whoever is a Rugs often encounters difficulties: gaps and wrinkles appear. A flawless end result then requires a lot of work. It is therefore best to get help from a specialist company. we advise you about the types of wallpaper, find suitable Pattern and ensure flawless results. By the way, we can also apply wallpaper to the ceiling.


Those who like designs of a special kind are guaranteed to find what they are looking for among the many types of wallpaper. An almost infinite selection of wallpapers make every room unique. Have you already found a mural that still needs to be attached? MVM AG is your specialist for this task.

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