Fire protection

Which structural fire protection measures should be considered for your building? Our MVM experts will find the right fire protection solution for you!

Structural fire protection

Fire protection starts with the planning and execution of new buildings as well as renovations and refurbishments of buildings. In this context, we speak of structural fire protection. This refers to all measures that prevent the spread of flames and smoke. In this way, structural fire protection protects human and animal life as well as property.

MVM AG uses cladding systems for walls and ceilings that always meet current fire protection requirements and legal regulations. In doing so, MVM AG works closely with the responsible stakeholders. This is because the respective architects, engineers or other persons authorised to provide evidence are responsible for preventive fire protection measures in buildings.

What are the fire protection requirements?

The Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers (VKF) regularly publishes a list of fire safety regulations. These are legally binding and ensure that Switzerland has some of the highest safety standards in the world. All materials and building elements should be VKF-tested to ensure effective and legally compliant fire protection. MVM AG is committed to using only VKF-tested materials for plastering work and other fire protection measures.

Possible fire protection measures

Structural fire protection can be realised with various measures. These include fire barriers, fire protection coatings, protective cladding, fire protection curtains and fire protection joints. Expansion joints as well as the cladding of entire walls and ceilings with plasterboard or individual plastering work are also included.

MVM - Your specialist company for preventive fire protection

With our plastering work – but not only with this – we at MVM make an important contribution to preventive fire protection in buildings. Years of experience and comprehensive knowledge make us an experienced contact for building owners, architects, planners and public developers. Whether it’s façade construction including insulation or the execution of plastering work – the team of experts at MVM will find customised solutions for you that are cost-effective to implement and ensure the highest level of safety in the event of a fire.

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